[U-EV]The price starts at 2.2999 million, the delivery starts in the fourth quarter, and the Tesla Model Y is officially launched in China | U-CAR news

Tesla announced today (23) that the all-electric SUV Model Y has officially landed in Taiwan Both versions are available to order at the same time. The price of standard equipment starts from 2,299,900. Taiwanese users can customize it on Tesla Taiwan’s official website from now on Model Y orders, including model and color, can also be equipped with automatic assisted driving technology (Full Self-driving, FSD). Tesla Taiwan also said it has not yet confirmed whether the first wave of models arriving in Hong Kong use Tesla’s latest 4680 lithium battery pack.

Tesla announced today (23) that the all-electric SUV Model Y has officially landed in Taiwan Both versions of the model are available to order at the same time. The standard Taiwanese price is 2.2999 million for Long Range and 2.5999 million for Performance. The Model Y with a five-seat configuration will begin new car deliveries as soon as the fourth quarter of this year.

Model Y offers two model options in Taiwan versions, Long Range and Performance. Both models feature dual motor all-wheel drive The Performance version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds; the Long Range version, featuring excellent endurance, has a cruising range of 542 km (WLTP standard). Taiwan standard equipment price is 2,299,900 yuan for Long Range and 2,599,900 yuan for Performance.

The Long Range and Performance Model versions feature dual motorized all-wheel drive, providing 542 km and 514 km of cruising range (WLTP specification), respectively.

The Model Y with a five-seat configuration features a beamless panoramic glass roof, a hatchback-style power tailgate and a rear seat that can be folded with one button, giving it a maximum storage space of 2,158 litres. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a HEPA filter system that can protect against biological and chemical weapons. Recently, the Model Y, specially designed for safety, received the highest rating of 5 stars in the NCAP safety test EU.

The Tesla Model Y comes standard with a 15-inch center touchscreen, an immersive sound system and a unique panoramic glass roof.

New car deliveries in Taiwan will start in the fourth quarter of this year at the earliest. The first batch of limited deliveries of Long Range and Performance models delivered directly from the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, the super factory in Berlin, will be will be introduced In addition, Model Y car accessories and brand new boutiques will also be launched at the same time Tesla Taiwan’s official website online store is on the shelves first, and car owners can buy accessories and charging products for their upcoming new cars in advance.

The first batch of Long Range and Model Y Performance models, introduced in the fourth quarter of this year, will be produced by the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.

As the Model Y is about to land in Taiwan, Tesla announced that the construction of advanced charging stations in Taiwan will be accelerated again. In addition to the 54 sites that have been opened, with a total of more than 300 advanced charging stations, the goal of reaching 60 stations in Taiwan by the end of this year is the site’s milestone, the deployment speed in 2023 will also be upgraded again, accelerating the development of sustainable energy.

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