U.S. coronavirus patients test positive for at least 471 days… “Mutation occurs in the body”

[이데일리 이현정 인턴기자] There have been reports of cases in the United States testing positive for the coronavirus for at least 471 days.

(Photo = Pixar Bay)

On the 5th (local time), the Daily Mail and others reported that a research team from the Department of Epidemiology at Yale University in the United States will publish a paper on a man who has been infected with Corona 19 for over a year.

The research team found that ‘B. While tracking the 1517’ mutation, we discovered that a man in his 60s with malignant lymphoma was the starting point.

The man first tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020. He has been infected for at least 471 days since then. This is the longest-lived case of infection with COVID-19. It is different from ‘long covid’, in which the sequelae continue in a state where no virus is detected.

As a result of the blood test, a total of three types of mutated virus were detected in the male. The man has not been infected multiple times, but has mutated the virus twice inside his body.

The researchers explained that immunocompromised individuals with weakened immune systems are more likely to be infected with COVID-19 for a long time, and that the COVID-19 virus can continue to multiply in these bodies to create new mutations. A British man who was infected with COVID-19 for 505 days, the longest period in history, was also reported to have been diagnosed with cancer. He died last year and two or more COVID-19 mutations have been confirmed in his body.

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