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There are only 11 days left in the US presidential election. Although mainstream media and polling companies generally believe that Biden, the leading Democratic candidate in the national polls, will defeat the incumbent President Trump, the United States once successfully predicted Trump’s election in 2016 Robert Cahaly, a polling expert at the Trafalgar Group, a polling firm, believes that mainstream polls generally ignore “hidden Sichuan fans” and that Trump will still be re-elected.

Cahari, a polling expert at the Trafalgar Group, an American polling firm who successfully predicted Trump’s election in 2016, believes that mainstream polls generally ignore hidden fans, and Trump will eventually win the election.

Kahali told Fox News that he predicted that Trump’s electoral college votes in this year’s general election will be re-elected with a slight number of votes exceeding the required 270 votes, as long as he is unwilling to express his position before the polls. The more “hidden Sichuan fans”, the wider the gap in winning the election. Trafalgar Group is a polling firm that predicts Trump’s leadership in Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan on the eve of the 2016 election.

Kahali pointed out that due to the epidemic, the number of voters using mail voting has increased so much that he did not try to predict the outcome of the general election this year. However, states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia, although mainstream polls believe these battlefield states In the middle, Trump and Biden are deadlocked in the polls, or Biden is leading, but he believes that Trump can still win these key battlefields in the final election.

Kahali further analyzed, “These mainstream polls generally ignore the existence of “hidden Sichuan fans”, especially among conservatives and voters who support the president who are not interested in expressing their political positions… These people usually He has hesitated to express his position in the polls. Therefore, if they are not included in the polls, they cannot be regarded as true polls.”

文章來源:Pollster who predicted 2016 result says Trump on track to win again with help of ‘hidden’ support

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