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U.S. expert investigating the source of the virus: CCP’s rejection of the pot won’t work | CCP virus | Origin | Wuhan Institute of Virology

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[Epoch Times News on August 14, 2021](Interviews and reports by Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya, Yi Ru, Zhang Yujie) The 90-day deadline for the US intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the CCP virus (new crown virus) is approaching. At this time, the CCP frequently Targeting the United States on the origin of the virus. Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, former virology researcher at the U.S. Army Research Institute, and Huai Haiying, vice president of the U.S. Biotechnology Corporation, analyzed to the Epoch Times reporter that the CCP’s dumping of the pot would not work, and its purpose was to use the virus traceability issue to confuse the audience and divert the most feared concealment. The focus of accountability for the epidemic.

On May 26, US President Biden asked US intelligence agencies to spend 90 days investigating the origin of the Chinese Communist Party virus and make relevant reports. Currently, the 90-day deadline is approaching.

Prior to the release of the investigation report of the US intelligence services, on August 2, the Chief Republican Member of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul (Michael McCaul) took the lead to release a report, citing multiple evidences that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Subsequently, on August 5th and 12th, CNN (CNN) quoted sources from insiders that the US intelligence agency had a huge genetic database, including the genetic data of virus samples from the Wuhan Institute of Virology; intelligence officials’ The investigation is about to end, and a draft confidential report has been drafted, but there are still differences in the intelligence community. Some believe that the virus comes from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and some believe that animals directly infect people.

Does the CCP’s busy dumping of the pot have other intentions?

While the United States has been investigating the origin of the virus, the CCP has also taken frequent actions.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media such as People’s Daily Online and World Wide Web have continuously issued articles claiming that the Fort Detrick laboratory in the United States is the source of the virus. Prior to 2020, the CCP had claimed that the virus originated from the US military.

On August 12, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged China (the CCP) to share the original data of the epidemic, but the CCP rejected it on the 13th, publicly claiming that the request of the WHO was “politically motivated.”

In response to this, Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a former virology researcher at the U.S. Army Research Institute, analyzed in an interview with The Epoch Times reporter on August 12: “This practice of the CCP is of course a method of disturbing the muddy water. It is actually a problem ( The origin of the virus is not the most deadly point of the CCP.”

Expert: What the CCP fears most is to conceal the epidemic and pursue responsibility

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu further stated: “The CCP knows that the issue of traceability can find ways to turn it into a very complicated scientific issue. It can be politically dumped to the United States. There are many ways to make this matter more complicated. People are concerned about it. Our efforts will be focused on this traceability issue, and in fact (the deadliest) is actually the CCP concealing the epidemic.”

“The CCP is actually the most afraid of this (concealing the blame for the epidemic). Of course, it now hopes that the international community will focus on this traceability. It is a trade-off between the two evils whichever is less. It’s caught in this kind of dispute, it’s such a purpose.” He said.

McCall, the chief Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, who published the report on August 2, published his first report on September 21, 2020, citing a number of evidence that the CCP has concealed the epidemic. In the report on August 2nd, he cited the CCP’s maintenance of the P4 laboratory that had been in operation for just two years in 2019; the sudden release of the “Bat and Rodent Virus Pathogen Database” in September of the same year; and the World Soldiers in October of the same year. During the sports meeting, athletes are required to take their body temperature.

According to public information, in December 2019, Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang and many others issued a warning about the epidemic on social media, but they were “reprimanded” by the Chinese police, and Wuhan implemented a lockdown from January 1 to January 23, 2020. During the period, at least 22 countries have confirmed cases, and the initial patients in these countries are all from Wuhan or China.

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu believes that even if the United States does not have a clear conclusion on the source of the virus, it can now hold the CCP accountable and hold the CCP accountable for concealing the epidemic.

He said: “The CCP concealed the epidemic. It did not tell the international community that the virus can spread from person to person, or that the epidemic broke out earlier, and did not tell the international community in time that accountability in this respect can actually be carried out.”

In recent days, the CCP has frequently thrown off the virus on the source of the virus. Scholars have analyzed that the CCP is confuses the public and avoids the most feared allegations of concealing the epidemic. (Minghui Net)

Analysis: The CCP’s tossing is only shown to domestic people and is not effective to the international community

If we only look at the origin of the virus, Dr. Lin Xiaoxu said that the CCP’s repeated actions to shake the pot have very limited effects, and the international community does not care about the CCP, because everyone knows that the CCP’s rejection of the pot is not established.

He said: “The initial genetic sequence of these viruses in Wuhan is very clear compared with the early sequences of global viruses. This virus, of course, came from Wuhan, China in terms of sequence analysis, so I think the international community is actually very clear in this regard. So although the CCP has been throwing the pot for a long time, basically no one has responded. The CCP’s throwing the pot is just to stir the muddy water for mainlanders. No one in the international community pays attention to this statement.”

Regarding the two CNN reports, Dr. Lin Xiaoxu believes that it will play a role in psychological warfare against the CCP, indicating that the United States has already obtained heavy evidence, depending on the CCP’s reaction; at the same time, it may also be the next foreshadowing—the intelligence report may be Postpone or just release part of the report.

Haiying Huai, the vice president of American Biotechnology Corporation, also analyzed to Epoch Times reporters on August 12. There are other cards.

He said: “This investigation does not mean that it will be completed in 90 days. After 90 days, if this stage is not completed, it can be added. Other countries, including the United States, are still working very hard. Some materials cannot be digested in three months, three years. It can’t be digested, and it’s useful after three years of digestion. When you get to the bottom of it, someone will have to pay for the responsibility. Once you lose money, it will cost trillions. This is not a trivial matter, and the CCP doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility. I don’t want to lose it either.”

Huai Haiying said that the current situation has changed, and some people’s attitudes have changed, such as WHO Director-General Tan Desai (recently stated that the initial investigation of the Wuhan Virology Laboratory was not deep enough); and the director of the Chinese Communist Party’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention Gao Fu’s chief infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, has not remarked on this recently; Peter Daszak, a member of the WHO’s new crown virus traceability team who has cooperated with Wuhan virus, withdrew from The Lancet New Coronavirus Committee.

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