U.S. presidential championship in Florida opens unprecedented pre-voting since day one

On the 19th, when early field voting began in Florida, USA, voters lined up in front of a polling place in Hyyaria. Hyyaria = Reuters Yonhap News

On the 19th (local time), the first day of early field voting in Florida, one of the biggest winners of the US presidential election, voters showed record voting participation, according to political media Politico.

Politico said that even though it rained all over Florida that day, thousands of voters lined up at each polling place, saying that the voting fever for this presidential election was unusually hot. According to the media, at least 350,000 voters in Florida participated in the early on-site voting that day. This is the number of 52 counties out of 67 counties in Florida that started early on-site voting that day, which slightly surpassed the record in 2016 when 291,000 people participated on the first day. Also, the mail voting, which started earlier this month, has more than doubled 1.2 million people four years ago, with 2.5 million people participating by this day.


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