U.S. stock market = continued decline, concerns over Omicron stocks and inflation | Reuters

[Reuters]–The US stock market continued to fall, closing the deal with major stock indexes down more than 1%. The first confirmed infection in the United States of a new variant of the new coronavirus, the Omicron strain, has spread anxiety and digests the remarks of Federal Reserve Chairman Powell over rising inflation. In the middle, it was pushed back from the high price in the morning and closed.

The US stock market continued to fall and closed. Taken in January (2021 Reuters / Mike Segar)

The 500 S & P composites were bought up to 1.9% in the morning, but in the afternoon they turned down with the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Averages and the Nasdaq Composite.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today that it was the first person in the country to be infected with the Omicron strain. He returned from South Africa on November 22, and was confirmed in California.

Fed Chair Powell said in a testimony at the House Financial Services Commission that policymakers need to be prepared to respond if inflation does not slow as expected later next year.

The chairman suggested at a policy meeting in December that he would consider accelerating the contraction of bond buying programs, and stock prices were falling.

“The market faces two concerns: Omicron stocks and the more hawkish chairman Powell,” said Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer of the Independent Advisor Alliance.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has broken below the 200-day moving average since July 13, 2020. S & P closed on October 13th and Nasdaq closed below the 50th line for the first time since October 14th.

By industry, of the 11 major S & P sectors, all but the defensive sector utilities fell.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index (VIX), which shows investor anxiety, closed at 31.12, up 14.5 points. At one point, it rose to 32.61, the highest level since February.

The Russell 2000 Index, which is made up of small-cap stocks and is sensitive to the economy, is down 2.3%. In the morning trading, it was up 2.5% at one point.

Lauren Goodwin, an economist at New York Life Insurances, said it’s not surprising that volatility is seen as investors digest uncertainties such as lack of information about Omicron stocks and Fed chairman’s remarks. ..

On the other hand, he said that the strong economic indicators released today reiterated that the economic and corporate conditions are very strong.

The Manufacturing Index for November, released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), rose from the previous month against the backdrop of strong demand.

As for individual stocks,, a major customer management software company, plummeted by 11.7%. Faced with fierce competition from other companies, this quarter’s profit outlook fell short of market expectations.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of falling stocks exceeded the number of rising stocks by a ratio of 2.26: 1. Even in NASDAQ, the number of stocks that dropped by 2.96 to 1 was large.

The combined trading volume of the US exchange is 14.2 billion shares. The average of the last 20 business days is 11.3 billion shares.

Closed price% compared to the previous day Open price High price Low price code

Dow Jones Industrial Average 34022.04 -461.68 -1.34 34678.94 35004.64 34006.98

Previous business day closing price 34483.72

Nasdaq Composite 15254.05 -283.64 -1.83 15752.27 15816.82 15243.93

Previous business day closing price 15537.69

S & P total 500 kinds 4513.04 -53.96 -1.18 4602.82 4652.94 4510.27

Previous business day closing price 4567.00

20 Dow Jones Transportation Averages 15493.55 -349.60 -2.21

Dow Jones Utility Average 892.49 -1.07 -0.12

Philadelphia Semiconductor 3810.75 -22.47 -0.59

VIX Index 31.12 +3.93 +14.45

S&P general consumer goods 1585.73 -30.10 -1.86

S&P material 524.88 -5.80 -1.09

S&P Industry 838.38 -12.16 -1.43

S&P main consumer goods 728.73 -3.03 -0.41

S&P Finance 623.42 -6.95 -1.10

S & P Real Estate 291.97 -3.97 -1.34

S & P Energy 406.82 -3.88 -0.94

S & P Healthcare 1507.59 -2.86 -0.19

S & P communication service 255.73 -5.17 -1.98

S&P Information Technology 2919.71 -37.14 -1.26

S&P Public Welfare 333.13 +0.54 +0.16

NYSE Volume 122.9 billion shares

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