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U.S. to allow foreign nationals to be vaccinated from next month

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Including entry into Mexico and Canada by land and sea
Recognition of WHO-approved vaccines such as AstraZeneca
Corona risk management on an individual basis, not on a country basis

A closure sign hangs at the entrance to a pedestrian facility leading to the United States in Tijuana, Mexico, on March 13, 2020. San Diego | AP Yonhap News

The U.S. will end its overland border closures to non-essential travelers and open its borders to all foreigners who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 from next month.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on the 13th (local time) that it will allow entry of all foreigners who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 from next month, including entry by land and sea from Mexico and Canada. For the past year and seven months since the spread of COVID-19, the United States has strictly controlled entry by car, rail, and ship from Mexico and Canada except for essential purposes such as trade.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mallorcas said: “We are delighted to be taking steps to resume normal travel in a safe and sustainable way.”

From mid-January next year, foreigners with essential entry purposes, such as freight truck drivers, will need to be vaccinated before entering the country.

Legal entrants must prove that they have been vaccinated upon entry in accordance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) normal procedures. Vaccines approved in the United States, such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (a Johnson & Johnson affiliate), as well as vaccines not approved in the United States but approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as the AstraZeneca vaccine, are recognized.

These new quarantine regulations are analyzed as a shift in the government’s policy to manage the risk of the spread of COVID-19 on an individual basis rather than a target country. The United States announced last month that it would change regulations to make it mandatory for those wishing to enter the country to vaccinate, instead of blocking all travelers from certain countries even when entering by plane.

The Joe Biden administration is pushing for a plan to make vaccination and infection testing compulsory. This is a measure to put pressure on those who reject vaccines. President Biden last month issued an executive order requiring federal government officials and civilians contracting with the federal government to vaccinate by early December. The U.S. Department of Labor said it has completed a draft emergency rule requiring employers of companies with 100 or more workers to vaccinate or test workers on a weekly basis.


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