U-Tapao Airport The United States can no longer come to set up a military base.

There are not many Thais who believe in “IO News” or “Information Operations” or “Psychological Warfare” which are military operations. But it was used in politics. so that the person receiving information has faith in the information entered through social media Cause some people to seriously believe if they get Khun Pita Limcharoenrat Party leader moving on to be Prime Minister The US will set up a military base at U-Tapao Airport. because the Progressive Party has the support of the United States

Today, I take the reader to see the progress of the new U-Tapao Airport Project which will be Bangkok’s third commercial airport, connected to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Don Mueang Airport There are no more runways after the US established a military base.

U-Tapao Airport used to be a military airfield under the Royal Thai Navy, which used to be a US Air Force base in the Vietnam War. several decades ago The government has already applied for Bangkok’s third commercial airport to a private company. It is considered an important infrastructure of the Eastern Economic Corridor Project (EEC) The bidding company is U-Tapao International Aviation Co, Ltd. (UTA), a joint venture between Bangkok Airways Company (BA) of Dr Prasert Prasat. The owner of Bangkok Airways Airlines holds 45% of the shares, BTS Group Holding Company (BTS) of Mr. Keeree Kanjanapas, the owner of the Green, Yellow, Pink BTS SkyTrain, holds 35% of the shares and Si No- Thai Engineering and Construction (STEC) of the Charnvirakul family, where Khun Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party He used to be a former executive holding 20% ​​of the shares

U-Tapao Airport and Eastern Aviation City Project With a total area of ​​more than 6,500, UTA won the auction at a price of 290,000 million baht for a period of 50 years (2022-2072), the contract can be renewed, so not does the US Army have any way to set up a military base at U-Tapao Airport. who believe and fear stop believing, stop fearing, stop having nightmares Wake up, Thailand will be a colony of the United States.

On May 25, 2023, UTA increased its registered capital from 4,500 million baht to 15,000 million baht to proceed with the construction of the East Flight City project that has been delayed for more than two years. Three world-class airport consultancy firms have been engaged to help design: 1. Narita International Airport from Japan to manage customers at the airport 2. Munich International Airport from Germany 3. International Airport Hong Kong from Hong Kong to take care of that cargo Hong Kong has the most expertise.

Mr. Wirawat Panthawangkun, CEO of UTA, disclosed that UTA aims to open the first phase of U-Tapao International Airport and Eastern Aviation City in 2027. Construction will begin in 2024, the year the 50-year concession expires. start it is expected to have 12 million passengers a year, down from the previous target of 15.9 million a year due to a drop in tourist numbers as a result of COVID.

Mr Chula Sukmanop, the new secretary of the EEC, revealed that the investment in the construction of the second runway at U-Tapao Airport was given by the government (Uncle Tu) to the “Navy” as the operator. (which no other country does for generals to be traders and businessmen rather than defense duties), the Navy has negotiated a loan source from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) The bank is founded in China and is headquartered in Beijing. I don’t know how much I borrowed How much interest do you pay? Construction will begin in 2023 and be completed in 2027. The runway is 3,500 meters long and can accommodate large aircraft. gathering information in a nutshell to share with each other Indeed, it is like this. he will stop being afraid The United States will come to take over Thailand. The United States will come to establish a military base in U-Tapao.

“The Wind Changes Direction”


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