“U18 Women’s Football” is very excited to announce the downfall of the Singapore national team.

Miyo Okamoto, head coach of the Thai women’s national football team Under 18 “Women’s Football U18” revealed that playing the second match ofThailand women’s national football team in the competition ASEAN Women’s Football Championship Under 18 ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? In Indonesia, the group stage byThai national teamwill meet Singapore national team Competing on Tuesday, July 26, believe that the Thai national team will do a good job. Can beat Singapore, which is now the atmosphere within the team is lively.

However, after “U18 women’s soccer Got the first win by overcoming Cambodia national team In the regular competition on Friday, July 22, the past resulted in the preparation of the team for the game to meet. Singapore national team Everyone in the team was extremely active. For the Singapore national team, they have played 2 matches in this tournament, losing 1-0 to Indonesia and losing 9-0 to Vietnam, while the Thai national team in the first match defeated Cambodia 4-0.

Jidapha Damri, Thai women’s national football team player, said that the Thai national team Win the first match It’s very good, making it the next game to meet Singapore. Everyone was very excited and ready. I think the Thai national team You’ll be able to pass Singapore for sure.

Thai women’s national football team U18 Will enter the field for the second game of the group stage against Singapore on July 26, 2022 at 3.30 p.m. at the Gerola Jarca Baring Stadium, Indonesia.


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