UAE calls for UN Security Council to convene UAE | UN

New York: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has demanded that a UN Security Council convene in the wake of the Houthi drone strike. The UAE has sent a letter requesting that the matter be discussed with the Security Council. In the letter, the UAE accused the Houthis of targeting civilians in violation of international law. The UAE also demanded that the committee unanimously condemn the Houthi attacks.

Lana Nusseiba, the UAE Permanent Representative to the United Nations, expressed her condolences to the families of those killed in the attack and wished the injured a speedy recovery. This is an attempt by the Houthis to spread terrorism in the region. The UAE also demanded that the UN Security Council unanimously condemn the attack.

A Saudi-led coalition airstrike has hit the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, following a Houthi drone strike in Abu Dhabi that killed three people. 80 people were killed and many more were injured. There have been 17 airstrikes in the Marib and Al Jawf areas.

English Summary: UAE Calls for UN Security Council meeting on Houthi terrorist attacks in Abu Dhabi




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