UAE doubles ‘cloud seeding’ flights UAE doubles ‘cloud seeding’ flights

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates has expanded the ‘cloud seeding’ system, which uses planes to sprinkle chemicals in the clouds and make it rain. The authorities explained that the number of cloud seeding flights had doubled in six years. These figures were revealed at the International Rain Improvement Forum held in Abu Dhabi.

Last year 311 cloud seedings were done. 1000 flight hours were used for this. In 2016, there were 177 aircraft doing cloud seeding, which has now doubled. So far the UAE has invested 66 million dirhams in the project to increase rainfall. Cloud seeding was done to bring rain in the northern emirates until Tuesday.

The Minister of Climate Change and the Department of the Environment, Maryam Al Muhairi highlighted the need for more rain. The main objectives of irrigation are to increase rainfall, increase groundwater and improve fresh water supply. He said rain is a vital factor for food security, environmental protection and tourism.

National Meteorological Center Deputy Director General Omar Al Saeedi said that cloud seeding is just one of the methods adopted by the UAE to ensure water conservation and we must work together to conserve water. The average rainfall in the UAE is only 79 mm in a year. Therefore, he added, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure water security.

What is Cloud Seeding:

Cloud seeding is the process of producing rain by changing the structure of clouds in the atmosphere. Chemicals are sprayed in clouds by planes and rockets. Chemicals such as silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) are mixed into the cloud at sub-zero temperatures. It is used to make rain or create artificial fog. This function is also used to reduce fog.

Artificial rain is made by cloud seeding not only to avoid drought but also to reduce air pollution. Expensive cloud seeding is not always successful. It does not rain immediately after cloud seeding. Therefore, it is not possible to identify whether the rain is artificial or real. It is not possible to predict how much rain will be received once cloud seeding is done.

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