UAE Gold Visa for Music Director Gopi Sundar

Dubai ∙ Music director and playback singer Gopi Sundar has been awarded a UAE Gold Visa. Accompanied by singer Amrita Suresh, he received his golden visa from CEO Iqbal Marconi at the headquarters of leading government services provider ECH Digital in Dubai. Amrita Suresh had already received a golden visa.

Earlier, many filmmakers, including those in Malayalam, used to do the paperwork for Golden Visa through ECH Digital.

Gold visas are granted by the UAE government to investors and businessmen who have demonstrated excellence in various fields. These visas are valid for 10 years and can be renewed when they expire. A relaxation of the golden visa criteria was later announced. The UAE aims to extend the benefits of the Gold Visa to more categories.

English Summary: Gold Visa for Gopi Sunder

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