UAE Schools Issue Alert for Contagious Flu Outbreak Among Children

Sunday, September 17, 2023

DUBAI > In response to the growing reports of a contagious flu spreading among children, schools in the United Arab Emirates are urging parents to remain vigilant. A special circular has been issued, instructing schools to ensure that all children receive their vaccinations. As classes resume after the summer break, tens of thousands of children from various locations have returned to their schools. In light of this situation, school authorities have taken the initiative to provide parents with a circular containing crucial safety instructions.

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Sunday September 17, 2023

DUBAI > Schools in the United Arab Emirates have advised parents to be vigilant amid widespread reports of contagious flu among children. In a special circular, schools have been instructed to ensure that children are vaccinated. With the resumption of studies after the summer holidays, tens of thousands of children from different places have arrived at schools. In this situation, the school authorities have sent a circular containing special safety instructions to the parents. Read on

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