uae visit visa, expats attention; Dubai prevents all options for visit visa holders to renew their visas from within the country

Dubai: Travel agencies in the emirate have announced that the law that requires leaving the country to renew a visitor’s visa in the United Arab Emirates has also come into force in Dubai. The law came into effect last month in other UAE emirates, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, but not in Dubai. But travel agencies have informed that the facility to renew without leaving Dubai is not available on the website since last day.

Earlier, there was a law in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, that one had to leave the country if one wanted to renew a visa or change to another visa in the country. This law was suspended during the Kovid-19 outbreak. Because the lockdown has been announced due to the strong spread of covid and the countries of the world have stopped the flight services, it is impossible to leave the country. This was a very comforting step for the expatriates. The expatriates have been spared a huge financial burden.

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Although the spread of Covid-19 has decreased and travel restrictions have ended, authorities have continued to allow renewals of visiting visas within the country. Then, last month, the old condition of going out of the country to renew the visa was re-implemented. But although other emirates re-implemented the law, Dubai continued the old practice, much to the relief of expatriates. With Dubai also enforcing the law, that route is also closed to expats.

With the re-introduction of the law, bus and plane ticket prices to neighboring countries have risen dramatically. Not only that, there is also a situation where tickets are not available on the intended dates. The cheapest way is to go to Oman by bus, but tickets are only available weeks later.

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Many people whose visa date is about to expire are in a situation where they cannot wait for the ticket like this. Expats go to Bahrain and Kuwait to change their visa status by paying more because they have to pay huge fines for every day they stay in the country beyond the visit visa date.

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