UBA is tapping the IPO price at 1.70 baht/share, trading on May 7, 2022.

UBA reveals its IPO price of 1.70 baht/share, enters trading on May 7 December ’22, open to subscription in the Preemptive Rights section, 23-25 ​​November ’22, the public 28- 30 Nov. ’22, highlights Futures Utility stocks are growing strongly – poised to take on a huge number of new jobs.

Mr. Ekajak Buahbhakdi, the Managing Director of Capital One Partners Company Limited as a financial advisor to Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited or UBA, revealed that the company has set the sale price of ordinary shares to the public (IPO) in the amount of 170 million shares at a par value (par) of 0.50 baht / share at a price of 1.70 baht per share, which is considered a price level appropriate to the company’s fundamentals. which will be open to subscription to purchase shares For existing UBA shareholders according to their shareholding in UBA (Preemptive Rights) between 23 – 25 November 2022 and the general public from 28 – 30 November 2022 and is expected to be listed on an exchange stock M. AI (may) business category service on December 7, 2022, using the trading abbreviation “UBA”

For the capital increase share offering this time, there are 170,000,000 shares, representing 28.33% of the total number of ordinary shares issued and paid by the Company. After offering newly issued ordinary shares this time, the offering is divided into 3 parts, which include

1. Offer to the shareholders of the company Nawarat Phatthanakan Public Company Limited (NWR) according to the share share of UBA (Preemptive Right) in the amount of not more than 15,300,000 shares.

2. Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited (SE) in the amount of no more than 10,200,000 shares.

3. Initial public offering (IPO) of 144,500,000 shares

through 5 underwriters and joint underwriters, which include Globlex Securities Company Limited, Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, RHB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited. ), Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited and Dao Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited

“The IPO price is set at 1.70 baht per share, which represents a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of about 15.7 times, which is a reasonable price. in line with the company’s fundamentals As a business leader in providing water management services, system operation and complete maintenance It is a utility stock that is in the megatrend industry and is currently popular. Including backlog projects not yet delivered worth more than 1,422 million baht, including future expansion from Bangkok. which is the main customer together with stricter legal regulations relating to waste water treatment leading to an opportunity to expand the work At the same time, there are executives who have excellent visions. They also have 21 years of experience in the industry,” said Mr Ekajak.

Mr. Somchat Sanghitkul, Chief Executive Officer of Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited or UBA, said that raising funds and listing in May this time will bring the proceeds of the transaction. Invest in developing information systems (Information System) for use in research and development to create new products and services. Including to purchase and improve machinery used to support operations. and repayment of loans from financial institutions

Including being used as working capital in business operations. This will increase the company’s growth potential. Including the opportunity to get more jobs Under UBA’s strengths, the advantages of integrated management are two making it meet customers’ needs exactly to the point There are personnel who have specialist expertise in this business for 21 years and who n occupying the 1st market share in wastewater treatment systems, as well as expertise in managing Bangkok’s drainage tunnels.

“Performance trend in the next 1-3 years is expected to grow faster. after the company raised funds enabled us to increase the competitiveness of the potential to participate in large scale auctions Especially receiving offers from Bangkok which has a plan to build a waste water treatment system. drainage tunnel expansion plan including private customers The value of the work is about 10,000 million baht in the next 5 years. involved in the treatment of stricter waste water Therefore, it is expected that the company will have an interesting increase in revenue,” said Mr Somchat in the end.

For UBA’s overall performance in 2019 to 2021 and the first nine months of 2022, the company has a total income of 432.40 million baht, 532.69 million baht, 533.59 million baht and 553.50 million baht, respectively. The company’s net profit during 2019 to 2021 and the first nine months of 2022 equal to 18.30 million baht, 43.43 million baht, 52.35 million baht and 50.82 million baht respectively or representing a net profit margin of 4.23% 8.16% 9.82% and 9.53% respectively that order.

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