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UBBF 2021 Experts Reveal Network Infrastructure Trends Accelerate the development of the industrial sector

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 27, 2021 – The seventh edition of the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2021 (or UBBF 2021), the seventh conference on high-speed networks, has officially kicked off in Dubai.

It was co-hosted by the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei. The conference is the world‘s largest fixed-network event. organized under the concept “Expand the connection coverage. Driving to Growth (Extend Connectivity, Drive Growth)”

The event was attended by leading global service providers and equipment service providers to share ideas on a wide range of topics such as network infrastructure construction. Regional digital economy Case studies on the success of various applications and the expansion of the industry. and more in-depth business cooperation in the future

This year’s UBBF is a two-day event, featuring lectures and lectures on a wide range of networking topics. with experts from both government agencies, various agencies, network service providers Including representatives from the education sector to talk and exchange ideas on the current state of the development of high-speed Internet networks. (ultra-broadband network) and new challenges facing and share insights and case studies

Society around the world has redefined the value of connectivity. And the development of the industry is on the way. Peng Song, President of Marketing and Solutions for Global Network Clients from Huawei, described the CAF (Coverage Architecture model) and Fusion or combination) from Huawei

He discussed the importance of expanding connectivity across homes and organizations, as well as having to work with the cloud in order to “meet current and future needs.” The competitiveness of connected CAF models is key to new growth.

– Coverage: Connectivity that extends to every room will greatly increase the value of home internet as demand changes from both home and enterprise users. As a result, service providers need to extend connectivity to every room, device, and system that can be used across all business systems.

and switch from a private connection (private line) to a private network (private network) to support wider coverage This will result in more connections and therefore more business opportunities.

– Architecture: Network architecture is the cornerstone of business success. both now and in the future The architecture of the future will require a flexible network. More environmentally friendly service and has lower operating costs (OPEX)

– Integration: Connectivity will bring many new opportunities. Building network competitiveness using the AF model is important for network operators. Digital transformation is the biggest opportunity in the ICT industry.

And it is undeniable that the cloud is at the heart of digital transformation. But connectivity still plays an important role. because without a connection “The cloud will just be a dormant island of data,” Peng said, “integrating” is important because connectivity needs to be cloud-based. and allows organizations to move their applications to the cloud.

Mr. Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Data Communication Products Explain that digital transformation is even if it adds to the comfort But it also brings challenges to existing networks, for example, today’s limited size CO equipment rooms. Therefore, it is difficult for existing transmitters to provide full coverage.

Today’s hybrid service operations are not designed to handle many different service needs. this digital age Huawei launched the Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution, a solution with four new capabilities.

These include all-service super edge CO, tenant-level hard slicing, SRv6-powered network programmability, and cloud-network integration. This solution maximizes the value of the resources network operators already have. and to strengthen the cloud and the network as a whole.

At the event, Kevin Hu also unveiled the NetEngine family of smart routers designed for use in all scenarios. and to help service providers build smart cloud networks in this digital age. These include the NetEngine A800 series, NetEngine 8000 M series, and NetEngine 8000 X16.

Today, service providers around the world are continuing to invest in fiber optics. To enhance Internet quality and improve services such as FTTR and premium private connections via OTN to increase fixed network revenue. And networks based on all optical technologies are becoming the same industry-wide approach.

It is the basis of a smart city that protects the environment. However, it is difficult to build a network based on all optical technologies for a smart city. both from the high price longer service arrangements and complex management. network innovation And the development of new services is also a concern.

In addition, Mr. Bill Wang, vice president of Huawei optical products also said “Huawei launched its Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN) and Edge OTN product line to address these challenges.

These products are designed to help service providers quickly build networks that use all optical technologies. And can see the overview and manage the entire network process from start to finish.

This will significantly reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs. and enabling industries including home users to quickly enter the digital world It also allows network operators to expand the market for business customers. Improve your home internet experience, reduce costs and increase revenue.

The UBBF Conference has been held every year since 2014 and has become an event for the development of the broadband industry. one of the most important jobs in the world Find out more at https://www.huawei.com/minisite/ubbf/en

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