Uber Eats has only 5% market share

Agence France-Presse reported that Uber Eats, an online food delivery platform, will withdraw from the Hong Kong market at the end of the year. Ubert Eats issued an online statement saying that this was a “difficult decision,” but it did not explain the reasons for operating the card. The food delivery market in Hong Kong is fiercely competitive, and Ubert Eats has quit, and it has also ended its five-year market share struggle in the local area.

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Uber Eats entered Hong Kong in 2016, and foodpanda and Deliveroo took the lead and later became the two major delivery service providers in Hong Kong. According to the analysis of the big data analysis platform Measurable AI, Uber Eats has only 5% of the market in Hong Kong, compared with 44% for household delivery and 51% for Fu Pangda.

Uber said it will redouble its efforts to expand Hong Kong’s ride-sharing service, but this business is still in a legal gray area in the local area. In Hong Kong, taxi drivers are not well-received. They often refuse to board and only accept cash. Uber’s online taxi-hailing app is widely loved by Hong Kong citizens, but local taxi operators and the Hong Kong government, which does not agree with the legalization of ride-sharing, are quite crowded out of Uber.

In 2018, 24 Uber drivers were convicted and fined for carrying passengers without a license. Their appeal was rejected two years later. Uber’s transportation service continues to shuttle Hong Kong’s streets and alleys, while the police periodically ban them locally.

Uber’s global business volume, of which Hong Kong accounts for more than 25%. Uber, which entered Hong Kong for 7 years last month, said that it has accumulatively registered 216,000 drivers in Hong Kong.


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