Uber’s robot delivery service becomes independent

Serve Robotics

Postmates, a delivery service startup that Uber acquired for US$2.65 billion last year, will spin off its robotic delivery division and operate independently under the new brand Serve Robotics. According to Bloomberg’s report, Uber will invest $50 million in Series A financing for the new company in exchange for a small amount of equity, and then it will raise funds outside.

Although Serve Robotics will operate independently, it will continue to maintain a close relationship with the parent company, including projects in sidewalk delivery robots and other fields. TechCrunch received a reply from Serve Robotics, stating that their most pressing action is to invest more actively in the R&D part, and at the same time to open up new partners, and aim to have the first large-scale commercial delivery robot in the next 5 years. The application is available.

Uber’s change is in line with their goal of achieving a surplus by the end of 2021. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has stated that he will clear up the previously over-developed territory. Therefore, in addition to today’s robot delivery service, it has also The development departments of self-driving systems and flight taxis were cleared successively, and even the 185 employees they recruited when they acquired Postmates were fired, involving 15% of the staff.


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