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Ubisoft Entertainment, a leading game development, distribution and publishing company, officially released the PC version of its real-time strategy (RTS) game ‘The Settlers®: New Allies’ on February 17, 2023. It announced that it will be released.

The PC version of Settler: New Alliance will be released through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store, and is currently in development for various console devices such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Settler: New Alliance, developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, is developed with Ubisoft’s proprietary icicle engine, providing a high level of game immersion through graphics that feel much fresher than previous works and visual production and aesthetic unique to the RTS genre. offered

The Settler: New Alliance offers three game modes: single player campaign, hardcore mode, and versus mode. First, the single player campaign begins with one of the game’s factions, the Elari, leaving their hometown and settling in a new, unknown land. Players will then complete various challenges such as securing resources, building settlements, raiding bandits, and discovering new cultures.

In Hardcore mode, you can play new scenarios and face stronger AI through various conditions and variables. In Hardcore mode, which requires high flexibility, single play and cooperative play are possible, and immersive battles with more competitive elements are emphasized. In game mode, up to 8 players can enjoy single play, cooperative play, PvP, etc. on 12 maps provided at the time of release.

The Settler: New Alliance will be released in two versions: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition, and is currently available for pre-registration. Settler: More details about the new alliance are available on the official website.




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