“Ubon Flood” Central Ubon announced that the service will be closed after the road floods more than 1 meter.

situation”Ubon flood“latest Central Plaza Shopping Centre, Ubon Ratchathani Announcement to close due to the roadhigh flood and small cars cannot travel while the latest water level At the M7 water level measuring station, the 200 year bridge remained stable at 11.51 meters for the 3rd day.

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– The “Ubon Flood” is heavy, the water level is 4.60 m higher than the highest water level in 2021.

The Central Ubon Facebook page posted a message announcing the closure.Central Plaza Shopping Centre, Ubon Ratchathani fromflood situation states that because of the situationhigh floodAt present, small cars and personal motorcycles cannot travel normally. who have to travel on large lorries with a high lift only

with concern for service users and all friends of the shop staff Therefore it is necessary to temporarily close Central Ubon shopping centre. From 14-19 October 2022 or until the situation improves

The shopping center apologizes for any inconvenience and would like to send encouragement to the brothers and sisters of Ubon Ratchathani. and all the surrounding states Let’s get through this situation together as best as we can.

At the same time, reporters also reported that According to the latest survey, it was discovered that In the area of ​​the department store itself, there is no flooding in the area. Because sandbags are used to protect the surrounding area and pumps are used to continuously pump water that flows into the drainage system.

But the water level on Sapphasit Road from Wang Daeng Bridge Going in front of Central Ubon, water is still flowing more and more than 1 meter, making traffic around the need for military forklifts and private trucks only. resulting in less than 10% of service users

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