“UCI” praises “Gometh”, the number 1 Thai BMX rider in the world.

“Seth Ink” revealed Gen. Decha Hemkrasri, president of the Cycling Association of Thailand that he attended the 191st Annual General Meeting of the International Cycling Federation (UCI) or “UCI Congress” in Wollongong Australia on September 22 as a representative of the Cycling Association. and those who are honored by the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) to be one of the 9 representatives from the Asian continent

The meeting decided to certify the Bhutan Bicycle Federation. Become a new member of the ACC. and the Solomon Islands Cycling Federation. It became the 201st and 202nd member of the UCI and decided to temporarily withdraw Mexico’s membership due to the administration of the Mexican Cycling Federation. inconsistent with the UCI Statute As regards the restoration work, it is only possible to proceed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the UCI Statute.

What is wonderful is the presentation of the results of the World Cycling Center (WCC) in the last year, and “Eh” Gometh Sukprasert, the Thai national BMX rider. Listed as one of the training center’s athletes with outstanding performance able to win the Asian Championship In the Malaysian competition in August, this was a result of the association’s strategic human resource development plan.

Regarding the results of the meeting, another interesting issue is guidelines for improving gender equality in cycling. at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France There will be an equality system for the competition and the number of male and female athletes. including the development of equality in other categories of bicycles and the share of the UCI administration. and UCI member countries around the world

Meanwhile, the UCI has announced that it will host the Cycling World Championships until 2028, with the main events being the 2024 Youth Track Cycling World Championships in China and 2025 in the Netherlands, the People’s Track Cycling Championships and 2024 World Championships in Denmark, 2025 in Argentina and 2026 in China, 2024 World Road Cycling Championships in Switzerland, 2025 in Rwanda and 2026 in Canada, 2024 Mountain Bike World Championships in Andorra, 2025 in Switzerland, 2026 in Italy and 2027 in Austria, 2024 BMX World Championships in the USA.

In addition, 2023 is a new phenomenon in the Cycling World Championships. To be held in the form of an extravaganza at the same time in all 13 types of UCI by Scotland which will be held between 3-13 August, with the city of Glasgow. as the centre, while the other three Scottish cities will be co-hosts More than 10,000 athletes and officials are expected to attend, and spectators from all over the world are expected to flock to the races of more than 1 million, and the UCI has set the host of the next Cycling World Championships this year, 2027 in Huet, France

“Most importantly, repeated Mr. David Lapatiant, President of the UCI, that when organizing the Road Cycling World Championships he would like to spread the accommodation to all continents that Africa will be hosted by Rwanda in 2025 while Asia has hardly ever hosted a road cycling world championship, only Japan in 1990 and most recently Qatar in 2016, out of 98 races in UCI history. and during the break of the meeting There are also members of the Asian Cycling Confederation. There was a preliminary discussion if Asia had the right to host Everyone agrees that Thailand is the most suitable Because it is a hub for Asia to travel. Whether traveling from Europe, Asia, America, South Africa, the Middle East, it’s convenient. It is also a country that excels in tourism. and has excellent international cycling standards to the point of receiving praise from all parties,” said S. Ink.

However, this issue will need to be discussed and decided officially at the ACC general meeting first if Thailand is entrusted to host the Road Cycling World Championships. It can be arranged in Chiang Mai or Phuket, which is an important source of tourism. which still need to be considered because it is a very big event Huge budget and resources Hosting a big event like the Road Bike World Championship Importantly, it must be supported by the government as well.

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