Home Health Udon Thani has as many as 192 cases of COVID-19, the governor expects the number of infections to continue to increase until the end of the month.

Udon Thani has as many as 192 cases of COVID-19, the governor expects the number of infections to continue to increase until the end of the month.

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Udon Thani – Made New High again! Udon Thani new coronavirus cases hit 192 people, expecting this month the number of infected people will continue to rise because there are still Udon people. Travel back from high-risk areas without interruption While severely ill patients must use a ventilator. Using high-pressure oxygen, there are another 20 people.

Today (July 19) Mr. Siam Sirimongkol, Governor of Udon Thani, along with Mr. Uthen Hakaew, Deputy Doctor of Public Health of Udon Thani Province, and Dr. Sureerat Watcharasuwanseree Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases Udon Thani Hospital Joint statement on the situation of COVID-19 Udon Thani Province via online system To comply with disease prevention measures of Udon Thani Province Overall, today there are 192 new cases, the cumulative total is 1,888, 984 have been treated, 883 have returned home, and 21 have died.

Mr. Siam Sirimongkol, Governor of Udon Thani Province, revealed that from the overall situation of the country in Bangkok and its vicinities, there are people returning due to occupational restrictions. People have not stopped returning home and are expected to continue to return. The situation after this until the end of the month In the short term, there is still a risk that patients will increase as more people return. Therefore, measures to detain people traveling into the area to be in the center of the province, district, sub-district provided. And the measures to get people to go home are still ongoing.

Uthen Hakaew, deputy public health doctor in Udon Thani province, said that from the Coronavirus Disease Situation Administration Center’s Order No. 10/2564 regarding the situation area designated as the highest and strict control area. maximum control area control area and surveillance area Effective from 20 July 2021, Udon Thani province is classified as The “maximum control area” is expected to be released today or tomorrow. which will come into effect on 20 July 64

The terms and practices Restaurants can be consumed in the shop no later than 21.00, order to go home no later than 11 pm (Refrain from selling and drinking alcohol in the shop) Do not organize activities for groups of more than 50 people Convenience stores, night markets open 04.00-23.00 at risk or places where risk activities are open for service according to the requirements Sports venues can be opened no later than 9:00 p.m. Competition is limited to spectators/players. It will be effective from July 20, tomorrow until further notice, or at least 14 days.

On the side, Dr. Sureerat Watcharasuwanseree Infectious Diseases Internal Medicine Udon Thani Hospital revealed that Udon Thani Hospital currently has 168 patients, 28 of which are severely ill, 8 of whom are on ventilators, and another 20 are on high-pressure oxygen on July 18-19. In the past two patients have died.

The 20th patient was a bedridden patient. With symptoms of cerebral thrombosis, diabetes and obesity, was admitted to Udon Thani Hospital on 9 July 64. The first treatment was lung infection. During treatment, symptoms worsen Doctors pumped the heart twice and died.

The 21st deceased was a 46-year-old female patient with diabetes, high blood pressure and renal impairment. He was admitted to Udon Thani Hospital since June 25, 64. This patient had relatively few initial symptoms. After 2 weeks, the symptoms got worse, more lung infections. The doctor put a high-pressure endotracheal tube. and during bedtime treatment had additional infections and died later


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