Udon Thani PEA explains fifty thousand electricity bills, in fact, the electricity is leaking, apologizing for the agent who spoke badly – Khaosod

PEA Udon Thani explains the electricity bill for fifty thousand. Found a drop off point Apologized for the agent who spoke badly. remind me to calm down Now the Improvement Remedial Scrutiny Committee has been established.

of the case Miss Wanted Aged 34, a resident of Nong Hua Khu Sub-District, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani Province, along with relatives, filed a complaint after the house’s electricity bill was abnormally high, totaling 4 months, due to 51,000 baht , although no one lived for. more than a year notify the electrician come in and check They found that there was a point where the electric current was leaking and he said it was actually using electricity in the house. the Electricity Authority He can only help by breaking the installment into installments there is a power cut and lifting the power meter pot off and there was a challenge for the owner, if he wanted to be famous, he should sing to the media because electricity users have to pay anyway

Latest on 30 May 2023 Mr Supachai Nonkhao Khet Khong 59 years The manager of PEA, Udon Thani State, revealed that after learning about this matter, a committee was established to investigate and hold a meeting of the committee to resolve the work problems. Ban Phue PEA ready And found that that house has a 4 month unit of electricity use which has risen to almost 10,000 units, a total of 51,000 baht, which is significantly more expensive than reality. The whole house has only 2 neon bulbs and no other electrical appliances at all.

In February, officials did not issue a bill notifying electricity bills. but an empty bill and inform them to contact Ban Phue PEA But the electricity users work in other states. so without contacting And received a notice of the electricity bill paid for 4 months totaling 51,000 baht. And the steel frame house has leakage current. of old and damaged electric wires thus making electricity too expensive

Mr. continued After that, a fact-finding committee was established. to find a solution for this electricity user Know that the staff have removed the electricity meter. To solve the initial problem with leakage current to find solutions for electricity consumers He blamed the work of his subordinates. If it is found that the electricity bill is too expensive You must hurry to report to the accounting department and the technician department to report problems in order But sometimes the mechanic department has a lot of urgent work in the area. and work takes st. or witty and report problems quickly Importantly, stick to the principle of truth.

However, we have to set up a fact-finding committee. to find a solution for this electricity user in the future Regarding the Phue PEA Prohibition officer Debates with electricity users and there was a challenge We would like to apologize to the manager of PEA, Ban Phue area. spoke to the singer a little too hard and gave an order to reprimand and warn to use awareness and calmness in restraining yourself because the power user is the customer Or is it our God?


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