Udon Thani to postpone injections for the elderly and chronic patients After receiving only 3,600 doses of the Astra vaccine

Udon Thani to postpone injections for the elderly and chronic patients After receiving only 3,600 doses of the Astra vaccine

Udon Thani. Book vaccination 7-8-9 June. 3.6 thousand. Notification will send only 3.6 thousand kg. Provincial vaccine waiting to win. If not, the teacher may postpone the injection first. Proactive search found infected merchants. while the patient in the work of Su Kwan cluster Old age has a congenital disease, 1 in the ICU. The other 4 parts are found with the Delta species. Confident to finish.

At 2:00 p.m. on June 2, 2021, Mr. Uthen Hakaew, Deputy Doctor of Public Health, Udon Thani Province, MD. Patcharida Klinpayom, internist at Udon Thani Center Hospital. Join to announce the situation of Covid in Udon Thani province during the proactive search for infected people. but did not show symptoms for the second time through the zoom program to distance Found 4 more infected people, detected from proactive in Khlong Thom market, Kumphawapi district, a socks seller, and 2 friends, who have 20 high-risk contacts, bringing the total to 491 infected people. 431 have recovered and returned home. There are 58 cases, 5 cumulative deaths.

Dr. Patcharida Klinpayom, an internist at Udon Thani Center Hospital, said that one of the deceased was a 68-year-old male, who was the first patient in the Su Kwan cluster. There were a total of 18 infected people who were at risk over 50 years old, diabetes-hypertension-hyperlipidemia. Received treatment on May 15, 64 in a pneumonia. High pressure oxygen is required. In the manner of using the machine all the time, 21 May 21, had to be intubated until 28 May 21, had acidosis and died at 19.30, 31 May 64. In this cluster, there are 4 critically ill patients. Patients over 50 years of age still need high-pressure oxygen.

Uthen Hakaew, deputy public health doctor in Udon Thani province, clarified the case of four Delta (India) cases that Udon Thani had tested only the 409th case, which was labor from Laksi. The rest, the Medical Science Center, Udon Thani Province, are sent for surveillance. Now, Nonsaat District, Case 409, a 24-year-old man and his wife, who are likely to be infected with the same strain. Disappeared, went home, continued to be quarantined at home, 8 high-risk people, found no infection 2 times, Ban Dung District, case 413, a 26-year-old woman, returned from Lak Si to self-isolate in a rubber plantation. There was 1 high-risk contact, but not found 2 times.

Kut Chab District, Case 412, female student, 13 years old, father-mother-sister Delta infected in Bangkok, returned home with grandparents. eye infection from grandchildren Heal both eyes and grandchildren. Back to home quarantine There are 10 high-noise exposures, 3 times testing and no infection, and Kumphawapi District 449, a 53-year-old male, traveling by van back from Construction work in Lak Si with friends who are infected in Nakhon Phanom province. There are 4 high-risk people in Udon Thani province. They have been tested for 3 times. No infection found. Currently being treated at Kumphawapi Hospital, there are no serious symptoms.

Mr. Uthen replied to the question. Udon Thani has elderly people and patients with 7 chronic diseases registered to book vaccines with doctors with 246,000 people, divided into bookings 7 June 64, 13,152 people, 8 June 64, 12,104 people and 9 June 64, 11,429 people received the latest Notification of vaccine allocation “AstraZeneca” came to Udon Thani 3,600 dod, which is much lower than we expected. May have to postpone the appointment before by this vaccine or may be added The provincial vaccine committee must decide. Will it be injected to teachers to support the school opening on June 14? Any decision will be made immediately.

“ Udon Thani has not opened a new platform. for people to book vaccines Because in the past, more than 1,100,000 people have been booked through hospitals, Sor. By waiting for the doctor’s platform to be ready for a new one to open Therefore, the existing information will be entered into the system. The remainder was registered in the doctor with direct to prevent public confusion from many platform problems As for the second dose of Sinovac vaccination, June 6 at the Student Activities Building, Udon Thani Police Station, has not changed. Please come by appointment.”

As for Dr. Methipot Chatamethikul, director of the Udon Thani Medical Division, clarified that the Udon Thani hospital provided the vaccination at the Udon Thani hospital. “Udon Thani Hall”, Central Udon Thani. On June 4, an appointment for 300 volunteers to receive injections has now been postponed. It is expected to be injected on June 7, which will be informed again. While the vaccination appointment for the elderly – chronic patients with 7 diseases on June 7, 600 people have not been postponed. which will have to wait for consideration Allocate vaccines in advance. If the vaccine is not ready, it can be postponed.


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