UEFA Nations League – Gak Pobelwin scores as Depay’s injury leaves Netherlands away 2-0 Poland_Rankowski_Fries_Jansen

Original title: UEFA Nations League – Depay’s injured Gakpoberwin scores away from Netherlands 2-0 Poland

At 2:45 am on September 23rd, Beijing time, the UEFA Nations League level A group stage led in a focused battle, and the Netherlands went to an away match against Poland. In the first half, Dumfries assisted Gakpo to score. In the second half, Depay retired from injury, and Janssen assisted Belwin to extend the lead. At the end of the match, the Netherlands managed to beat Poland 2-0 away from home.

In the 9th minute, Zelinsky’s long shot from outside the penalty area was intercepted by the goalkeeper.In the 13th minute, the Netherlands played continuous cooperation in the front court, Dumfries sent the ball low into the goal, Gakpo scored a point, and the Netherlands 1-0.

In the 30th minute, Boguis shot from the far corner of the penalty area just wide. In the 42nd minute, Boguis cut in from the right and shot wide with his left foot. At the end of the first half, the Netherlands were leading Poland 1-0.

In the 47th minute, the Netherlands intercepted the ball in the front court, and Bergwijn shot directly and was blocked by the defender. In the 53rd minute, Depay was injured in the clash with the Polish player and could not claim the game and was substituted.

In the 55th minute, Poland’s Frankowski made a cross from the right, which Milik pushed and flew in front of the goal, missing the chance to equalise.In the 59th minute, Janssen made the ball, Belwin scored with a low right foot from the far corner, and the Netherlands 2-0.

In the 78th minute, Gakpo shot just wide from the penalty area. At the end of the match, the Netherlands managed to beat Poland 2-0 away from home.

Lists for both teams:

Poland (3421): 1-Szczesny/5-Bednarek, 15-Glick, 3-Kivior/17-Frankowski (78 minutes, 4-Skurahi) ), 10-Krehowiak, 8-Lineti (46 minutes, 7-Milik) , 21-Zalewski (78 minutes, 18-Bereshenski)/19-Scio Seaman (70 minutes, 14-Kleich), 20-Zelinski (85 minutes, 13-Wegowski)/9-Lewan

Netherlands (352): 1-Parswell/2-Timber, 4-Van Dijk, 5-Ake/22-Dumfries, 20-Kupmenas (5 mins, 11-Boguis) (74 mins, 18-Taylor), 21-Frankie – De Jong (46 minutes, 15-De Jongen), 17-Dall, 8-Gacbo/7-Berwin (74 minutes, 19- Weghorst), 10-Depay (55 minutes, 9-Jansen)

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