UFC Campaign, Georges St-Pierre divisional Champ to Champ: source

Georges St-Pierre's fighting days are over. For the sake of this time, it seems.

The 37-year-old martial arts star from St-Isidore, Que., Will officially do at a Thursday news conference at Montreal Center Center, by source.

Particularly reluctant to leave. St-Pierre had a high profile fight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. But it seems that the UFC has plans for Russia unexpectedly.

Georges St-Pierre, spare with his Firas Zahabi head trainer during workout on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 in Montreal.

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St-Pierre, a two-part champion, leaves a 26-2-0 record and a 13 fight fight streak. His success was successful inside the cable, subject to increased preparation hours, MMA placed on the map in Canada and helped to expand fuel around the world.

Although he just fought after the sport in late 2013 after nine straightforward vehicle weight tension defense, St-Pierre made headlines in November 2017 when he refused Michael midweight champion (Counting) hit back at UFC 217.

St-Pierre brought up the crown 185 pounds a month later, citing health issues (ulcerative colitis). Despite that limited activity, he still stands in the eighth in UFC pound-pound rankings.

During his career, St-Pierre succeeded in obtaining knee surgeries and other injuries as well as allegations from men who met he graduated (steroids, by Nick Diaz, and going up to Vaseline of according to BJ Penn). UFC president Dana White queried his mental strength after losing first title loss.

Overall, St-Pierre kept rehabilitation and winning.

In recent years, he traveled around the world and hopes for high profile fights. As soon as the UFC poster boyfriend, he grew up with the drug testing organization (he wanted more), sponsorship, pay and other issues.

On his best, the fighter called the GSP wants to fight Bill Belichick's sports bill. He encouraged him to achieve the benefits of his opponent.

He made modules modules, if he did not always win enough. As of nine welterweight title protection, eight were determined by decision.

At UFC 87 in August 2008, St-Pierre succeeded with seven of the nine pleasurable efforts against Jon Fitch, the real leader of Purdue.

Fitch came into the fight and won 15 last rounds. But after 25 minutes with St-Pierre, Fitch looked as he was in racing cars – doubled his eyes, almost closing. There were stitches above and below his left and lower eyes.

Commander Penn-St Pierre, lightweight holder, in a curricular-versus competition at UFC 94 in January 2009.

"We wanted to discourage it and then drown it in the bundles later," explained Montreal Firas Zahabi trainer, who was in charge of the GSP training team that would compete in the LGB team in numbers.

The strategy worked for perfection. St Pierre Penn took off his comfort zone and beat him, adding 92 significant strikes for 16 years of age.

Referee Herb Dean, on the doctors' advice and Penn Penn's agreement, stopped the bout after four rounds. Penn was concealed infected in charge of the hospital and a celebration of St-Pierre.

Improved Georges St-Pierre's enhanced UFC curriculum belt at his shoulder during a news conference in Montreal on January 23, 2013. The UFC has decided to coincide with St-Pierre with current title holder Woodley, Tyron (The Chosen One) and instead chooses to return to his original plan and the Canadian star is quoting against Michael Bisping's weight cures.

The UFC curator, Georges St-Pierre's enhanced weight, puts on his shoulder during a news conference in Montreal on January 23, 2013

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St-Pierre wins the 170-pound title at UFC 65 in Carcram in November 2006, starring Matt Hughes Hall in the second round. Two years earlier at UFC 50, Hughes started Canada with one in the second round.

St-Pierre subsequently admitted that he was despite fighting his idol.

That is not the second time. The GSP Hughes took a kick kick and finished on the ground. The first thing that St-Pierre did with the championship zone gave him to his mother, who stuck on his shoulder in his leg.

St Pierre, who joined Carlos Newton, was the only Canadian who was always entitled to UFC, and was a champion in sport that was not allowed in Ontario and some other provinces at the time.

He helped to legitimize the MMA and, in April 2011, he placed the UFC 129 headline at the Rogers Toronto Center, drawing a UFC-55,724 recording crowd to decide on Jake Shields.

There were bumps on the way. The first regime of St-Pierre lasted for a champion over five months after losing their defense on the first title, and Séarra Matt (The Terror) hit the same with the crossing at UFC 69 in April 2007.

St-Pierre's training for the fight was extremely disastrous. His father was really ill and had a cousin after a car accident. There were other family issues. Cut injuries in their preparation.

As St-Pierre's training goes, so make his fights. There was a disaster both. More than a loss, UFC 69 was embarrassed.

"He taught me what he takes to become a global champion," said St-Pierre at the time. "And when I lost Matt Serra, he taught me what it takes to stay on the global champion. You know when you become a global champion for 25 years of age and all around you – in the gym, everywhere – tell you how big you are and things like that, that you believe you're in a box that you release from the other fighters side. But this box, this line is a bad adverse . "

Matt Serra punch takes on Georges St. Pierre during UFC 83 at Bell Center Montreal

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Montreal Gazette

St-Pierre changed managers, trained and returned his career.

On advice from the sports psychologist, Brian Cain, he tried to break his mental albatross for his title by scratching the name of Serra on a brick and transporting it into their offshore waters from South Morningshire.

"In fact, I thought it was kindly weird but I felt better after," St-Pierre said.

He was in charge of Serra when he returned his title at UFC 83 in Montreal in April 2008. St-Pierre took Serra down four times and a 42-stroke off in significant strikes before stopping at 4:45 of second round.

He never lost since, while his split decision was won by Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013 there was a thin reason. St-Pierre, whose defeat was hit by the decision, went away soon afterwards.

Speaking on the pressures of caring and hiding constantly, St-Pierre said "life was really bad" in his life and "freaking zoo".

A gentleman outside the card, St-Pierre rarely loves the story. He felt that his English did not correct him and made his talk inside the cage.

The clean image of sport that surprises each other athletes in the head and punch a person when they are down.

Her true methods were.

In 2008, he lost an interview session with a left visitor reporter outside the Montreal gym. His manager said at that time that St-Pierre had had a bad injury earlier in the day and he had forgotten the interview with the reporter.

The journalist said to the manager without worrying, because a previous appointment had already been scheduled for the next day. However, St-Pierre started to go to the gym to collect the reporter and took it to dinner for the interview. Then he sent the reporter to his hotel, apologizing again.

Although other fighters, St-Pierre, had T-shirts and sweat – taking pages from a few cura champions – there was always an interest in the news conferences after the war.

Michael Bisping Shasana's Georges St-Pierre of Canada is a UFCweightweight championship during the UFC 217 event at Madison Square Garden on November 4, 2017 in New York.

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Preparing for fights was crucial, which included everything from gymnastics to raise power. He only watched a GSP training session at the same time as he pulled up a 75-pound weight on his waist.

St-Pierre comes from a young start on South Shore. His father spent more than 60 times a week on floor recovery business, carpet installation and ceramics. His mother sent elderly people to the nursing age.

"We did not have enough money but I ate my three meal a day," St-Pierre remembers. "I grew up with the idea that I had to work to get what I wanted to get.

"My parents helped me financially but they never gave me something free of charge. It's probably the best gift they've ever given me. I've grown up with that value."

He took a karate as a kid but moved into mixed martial arts – giving up a hockey because his family could not afford each other – after Royce Gracie was watching early in the UFC.

In his late instructors, he went to school and educated in MMA. He also played three positions, working as a bouncer at Fuzzy Brossard nightclub, working in a floor recovery shop and working for government teaching activities for the children of imbalance. So far, he is proud of earning the certificate obtained by the floor.

St-Pierre won his first fight as a pro in January 2002, and Ivan Menjivar met. Four more wins and was in UFC.


The mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre in Montreal on October 5, 2016

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