UFC Fighter Fighter wears Thanksgiving in Jasper

UFC Fighter Fighter wears Thanksgiving in Jasper


While Jasper is known for being a home for some great athletes over the years, the current UFC contestant says that the town of Walker Walker is the “second house.” T

Macy Chiasson, 28, is the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 28 and is currently competing in the bantamweight section. Originally from New Orleans, she is currently fighting from Dallas. In recent days, she asked Jasper to her house, waiting for the family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Growing up, we came to Jasper every year,” Chiasson said. “Almost all of my grandfather's family live in Jasper, and this was one of my favorite places to go.” T

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Chiasson's family moved to Jasper for a short while.

“I am always called Jasper my second house, because my family is here,” she said. “Although a small town, it has always been one of those big towns since I was a child.”

Chiasson was a soft boy and soccer in high school. She started mixed martial arts (MMA) at the age of 19 after having been in marketing for nearly four weeks and was recovering from a car accident.

“I needed something hard to get back into shape, and I loved the aggressive sport,” she said.

Krav Maga (self-defense) classes commenced before transfer to full MMA training. It wasn't long after she started training that she started to compete as a professional.

Chiasson had the first fight in 2017 and went 2-0 before taking part in The Ultimate Fighter's series. She met Pannie Kianzad in November 2018 to win the women's featherweight competition. Since that time, she has improved her record to 6-1 and only lost her loss in September when she lost a decision to Lina Lansberg at UFC on ESPN + 18.

“That was my first loss,” she said. "It happens. I came into the UFC's youth, and I have to give myself a little pat on the back, but I will bounce from it. There are no easy fights in the UFC."

While proceeding to Jasper, Chiasson said that she had received an announcement that she will have the next fight in February. The UFC has not officially released his opponent, but Chiasson says it will be a big fight against someone who wanted to join the Octagon. Currently it is ranked No. 11, Chiasson said that her early title.

“I don't want to be straight in the UFC and be happy with that. I want to be a belt holder. I need an inheritance. I am entitled. I want to keep that belt at least once, ”she said.

Chiasson was in the news in June after a construction crane collapsed into its apartment building in Dallas. She lost everything in the accident.

During her time in Jasper, family members took up Chiasson as she is still taking things lost in the crane incident rather. She also said “coffee lover,” she said that her coffee was frozen from Lavish “as well as anywhere.” T

“It's great shopping here,” she said. “The town center in Jasper has changed since I was here. It's so beautiful and there are so many going on. The city is coming around. I'm using New Orleans and Dallas, but nothing compared to a small town where people know each other. ”

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