UK confirms’South Africa’ variant virus… China to suspend flights to UK | Voice of America

A new strain of coronavirus infection has been confirmed in the UK.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said at a press conference today (23) that two people who came into contact with a visitor to South Africa had been infected with a new strain of the virus.

Secretary Hancock said the identified virus is far more contagious than the virus previously spread in Britain.

The British government has requested that anyone who visits South Africa in the last two weeks be self-contained, and has restricted travel to South Africa.

Along with this, it was decided to expand the top 4 blockade, which was applied in London and southeastern England, to neighboring regions starting on the 26th.

In the UK, on ​​the 23rd, 39,387 new cases were confirmed a day and 748 died.

China has also decided to suspend flights to the UK as more than 50 countries have restricted flights from the UK due to the spread of the virus variant in the UK.

In announcing these measures today (24th), the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it has fully reviewed the specificity and potential impact of the virus variant and referred to other countries’ measures.

While the United States has not currently announced restrictions on entry to a variant virus originating from the UK, New York State has decided to allow only those with a’negative corona’ test to enter the UK.

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