UK healthcare workers stage biggest strike in history

UK healthcare workers stage biggest strike in history


On Monday, the staff of the British medical system went on strike. Tens of thousands of nurses and first responders joined the strike, making the NHS even worse off.

(Deutsche Welle Chinese Network) Reuters reported that British nurses and emergency workers have been on strike since late last year. This time two professional practitioners joined to strike at the same time. The strike, mainly in England, is the biggest since the establishment of the British National Health Service (NHS).

British nurses will go on strike on Tuesday. First responders and physiotherapists will go on strike for one day each on Friday and Thursday. Stephen Powis, the medical director of NHS England, said it could be the most devastating week in the history of the NHS.

Healthcare workers are demanding a pay rise to tackle Britain’s worst inflation in 40 years. But the government said it would not be able to meet that requirement because it would lead to further increases in prices and further increases in interest rates and mortgage rates.

The Royal College of Nurses (RCN), Britain’s largest nurses’ union, wrote to Prime Minister Sunak last weekend, asking him to make “meaningful” pay offers that would help nurses end their strike.

The government called on people to go to emergency departments of hospitals and clinics during a medical staff strike, but also warned patients that they could encounter appointments being canceled or postponed.

nurse turnover

The NHS is under enormous pressure, with millions of patients waiting for surgery and thousands of patients missing out on emergency care every month.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, tens of thousands of nurses have left the industry due to low wages in the last ten years. Last year alone, 25,000 nurses left their jobs The severe shortage of personnel has had a major impact on nursing work. .

The Royal College of Nursing initially called for a 5% pay rise over inflation. A compromise was later made in negotiations with the government, saying that the demand could be halved. However, the two sides were unable to reach an agreement after weeks of negotiations.

Thousands of first responders also went on strike on Monday. But not all emergency workers are on strike, so patients can still call 911.

Nurses and first responders in Wales have shelved plans to strike on Monday as they review pay offers from the Welsh Government.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told British media last week that he would “love to give nurses a big pay rise”, but the government faces tough choices as it pumps money into other parts of the NHS, such as buying nurses and lots of medical equipment and an ambulance.


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