UK Ministry of Defense “Russia has been on a full-scale offensive since early January”… Observe D-Day on February 15 in Ukraine

/British Ministry of Defense Twitter

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has analyzed that Russia, which is facing the first anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine, has been attempting a large-scale general attack since the beginning of last month, but appears to be failing.

“It is very likely that Russia has been attempting to resume a major offensive since early January this year with the aim of occupying vacant areas in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine,” the UK Ministry of Defense said in a posted intelligence report on Twitter on the 7th (local time) he said.

However, contrary to the intention, the British judged that the Russian army advanced only a few hundred meters in a week. The reason is lack of ammunition and mobile troops. In addition, a large-scale attack is difficult due to the lack of soldiers and the large number of unskilled soldiers as new recruits. However, it is analyzed that senior Russian military commanders have been sticking to the general offensive due to political pressure from President Vladimir Putin.

However, among Ukrainian politicians and military experts, the general analysis is that Russia will launch a large-scale attack on the 24th, which marks the first anniversary of the invasion. “We are seeing more (Russian) reserve troops being sent to our region,” said Ukrainian Luhansk Governor Serhii Haiday. Governor Haidai pointed to February 15 as a possible time for a general strike.

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