Ukraine counterattack… Push out the Russian army and restore the battlefield

Zelensky “The progress continues”… Claims to recapture 10 times the area of ​​Seoul
US: “Russian forces abandon Kharkiv and withdraw from home country”

Ukraine, which has launched a massive counter-offensive against Russia, is increasing its reclaimed territory.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a late-night video address on the 12th (local time), “Our fighters have liberated more than 6,000 square kilometers in southern and eastern Ukraine from September to today.

According to President Zelensky’s comments, the area recovered by Ukraine from Russia is 10 times the area of ​​Seoul (605 km2).

Earlier on the 11th, Ukrainian Army Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzny announced that the territory recaptured this month was 3,000 square kilometers, but the announcement doubled within a day.

Ukrainian forces have liberated 20 Russian settlements in the last 24 hours alone, according to the Associated Press.

“In some areas, our troops have reached the Russian border,” said Kharkiv Governor Olech Sinehuvou.

Ukrainian military intelligence officials also said that a large number of Russian troops were declaring surrender in the retaken area.

“Russian soldiers are well aware that the situation is hopeless,” an official from the authorities told The Associated Press.

Ukraine Counteroffensive... Pushing Russian Army Out and Restoring Battlefield on the verge of Destruction (comprehensive)

“Russian prisoners of war will be exchanged for Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russians,” said Olexi Arestovich, an aide to the Ukrainian presidential office.

The exact number of Russian POWs captured is not known, but military intelligence officials say it is “a significant number.”

Analysis of the US and British military authorities also supports Ukraine’s achievements.

A US military official told reporters on the same day that he “appreciates that Ukraine is making overall progress in the fight to liberate and recover its southern and eastern territories.”

Ukraine Counteroffensive... Pushing Russian Army Out and Restoring Battlefield on the verge of Destruction (comprehensive)

“Russian troops surrendered most of the territory they had occupied around Kharkiv and withdrew to the north and east,” he said.

“Many Russian soldiers have crossed the border into Russia,” he added.

The day before, British military intelligence analyzed that Ukraine’s recaptured territory was twice the size of London (1,572 square kilometers).

In a video filmed and released by the Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian soldiers raise a Ukrainian flag over a collapsed building in the recovery area.

Ukrainian soldiers were also seen washing their shoes with a Russian flag that had fallen to the ground, the Associated Press reported.

“It is not yet clear whether Ukraine’s grand offensive is a turning point in the war,” the Associated Press reported.

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