Ukraine: “Russia is trying to use the winter cold as a weapon of mass destruction”

Zelensky: Russia destroys energy facilities
Russian forces bomb obstetrics and gynecology… newborns die

operation in the dark In a hospital in the southern city of Kherson, which was recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces, medical staff are performing surgery in the dark on the 22nd, relying on only partial lighting. Most of the power facilities in the area were destroyed due to Russian bombing and fighting between the two sides, so bright lights are not available even in the operating room. Surgical equipment, essential medicines and water are also in short supply, leaving many patients struggling. Kherson = AP Newsis

Ukraine has secured a stable counterattack bridgehead as it has almost recaptured the Kinbrunn Peninsula, a strategic point south of Kherson.

According to foreign media on the 22nd, Governor Vitaly Kim Mykolaiu tweeted, “We are restoring control of the region (Kinburn Peninsula). However, the Russian army bombed the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, killing a newborn baby.

The Kinbrunn Peninsula in southern Mykolaich lies on the lower reaches of the Dnipro River, which crosses Kherson into the Black Sea. It is about 300 km away from Crimea, which was forcefully annexed by Russia in 2014, and is a water transportation hub connecting Ukraine’s major port cities with the Black Sea. This is the first time Ukraine has recaptured the area east of the Dnipro River since Kherson. The New York Times (NYT) predicted that the direction of the war could change depending on whether Ukraine fully secures the Kinburn Peninsula.

The problem is the weather. As the first winter approaches since the Russian invasion in February this year, fears of a humanitarian crisis are growing in Ukraine, with many residents likely to freeze to death. After power facilities were hit by Russian missiles and after planned power cuts continued across Ukraine, the capital of Kieu fell with snow and temperatures as low as -4 degrees Celsius that day. A Donetsk resident complained of pain to CNN, saying, “The gas has been cut off and I can survive with only one heater.”

A maternity ward in southern Zaporizhia was bombed by Russian forces on the 23rd. According to AFP, Ukrainian emergency services said on the same day that a hospital in Vilniansk was hit by rockets overnight, destroying a two-story maternity ward. Amidst the rubble, doctors and mothers were rescued, but a newborn baby born this year died.”

“The Kremlin wants to turn this winter’s cold into a weapon of mass destruction,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address to the French Mayor’s Association on the same day. Authorities in Ukraine predict that millions of residents may have to live without power and water supply until the end of March next year.

Reporter Jungsoo Hong [email protected]

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