Ukraine ‘signs of rebellion’ in occupied territory of Russia

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

CNN broadcast on the 1st of local time reported that there are signs that a resistance movement is starting in earnest, including assassination attempts on pro-Russians in southern Ukraine, which is occupied by the Russian army.

The head of the Kherson state prison, Eugeny Sobolev, barely survived a car attack on the 16th of last month, and on the 24th, a week later, Dmitry Sablchenko, the head of the youth and sports department of the Kherson state, was assassinated.

“The traitor Sablchenko exploded in his car,” said a local militia government official. “Our resistance forces have won yet another victory.”

On the 28th, another pro-Russian official’s car caught fire, but it is known that this official was not injured.

Although the assassination attempt was limited to Kherson, the US government sees it as a significant challenge for Russia, which wants to occupy all of Ukraine, and the possibility of a rapid proliferation of resistance movements in the future.

An American official explained that if Russia is to maintain control over the occupied territories, it must provide basic government services, such as clean drinking water and garbage collection, but local resistance movements are making it difficult for Russia to serve as government.

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