Ukraine: Zelensky aides hope war will end in months – Bloomberg

The war in Ukraine will probably end in months, not years, an adviser to the head of the president’s office, Podoljak, said in an interview.

Ukrainian Central Bank Governor Shevchenko resigns suddenly due to health reasons It will be another blow to the war-torn economy.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said 200,000 people had been mobilized since the “partial evacuation” was announced last month. But Russia’s neighbors report that many more people are fleeing Russia.

Recent developments regarding the situation in Ukraine are as follows.

Ukrainian forces continue to march in the east and south

Ukrainian forces have recovered large territories in the last 24 hours around the strategic province of Liman in eastern Donetsk and north of Kherson province in the south, according to the Institute for War Research in the United States. Russian forces defeated in these areas were previously considered to be among the best conventional forces in the Russian army. Russian missiles hit the city of Kharkiv overnight, killing one person, an official said on Telegram.

Abandoned Russian T-90A tank (near Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Photographer: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

The governor of the central bank of Ukraine resigns for health reasons

The governor of Ukraine’s central bank, Shevchenko, 49, has suddenly submitted his resignation to President Volodymyr Zelensky. They say it’s for health reasons. Ukraine is struggling to stabilize its wartime economy. Shevchenko has been the governor of the central bank since July 2020.

Ukraine’s economic troubles
  • Reconstruction costs are expected to reach 349 billion dollars (about 50 trillion yen) (as of June 1)
  • The government of Ukraine needs $5 billion a month in fiscal spending
  • The inflation rate was 23.8% in August, and the economic growth rate in April-June (second quarter) was -37.2%.

The US president talks to Zelensky on the phone, promises additional arms supply

US President Biden had a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to pledge additional security aid worth $625 million. The new package includes the high mobility rocket artillery system “HIMARS”, ammunition, and armored vehicles. announced by the White House.

United States to announce price caps on Russian oil within weeks

The Group of Seven countries (G7) could announce plans in the coming weeks to place formal price caps on Russian oil, said Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for US Economic Policy Harris. The announcement will be “well before December 5,” he said. On the same day, European Union (EU) sanctions on Russian oil exports will come into effect.

War ends in months, Zelensky aide

A war is highly unlikely to last for years at the current pace of arms supplies to Ukraine, and faster supplies could help end the war within months, an adviser to the president’s chief of staff, Podoljak, told Bloomberg, in television interview.

“I think in terms of months, not years,” he said. He said peace talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin would not be possible until he was defeated militarily, adding: “I am not overestimating the risk of Russia using nuclear weapons.” He added that 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers were lost in the war and many more were injured.

More than 200,000 people have been mobilized by “partial movement”, more than that are going abroad

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said Russia has assembled more than 200,000 troops since Putin ordered a partial mobilization on September 21. A Russian news agency reported on the 4th.

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