Ukraine: Zelensky Visits Flood-Affected Area, Shells Fired During Evacuation – Bloomberg

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited flood-affected areas in southern Kherson Oblast. Russian forces shelled the city of Kherson as residents left, Russian officials said.

Zelensky visited hospitals and other facilities in the city of Kherson and said, “We will carry out relief operations and do all the necessary reconstruction work.” I moved to Mikolaiu province to inspect the damage situation. The prosecutor’s office in Ukraine said that one person was killed and two were wounded as Russia was shot in the city of Kherson.

About 600 square kilometers of land was submerged in two days after the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam collapsed. Ukraine appealed to the United Nations for help in Russian-held territories. About a third of the flood-affected areas, where thousands of people have fled, are controlled by Ukraine, while Russia occupies the other two-thirds, Governor Kherson Prokudin said.

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