Ukrainian kickboxer, 4-time world champion, killed during skirmish with Russian

Vitaly Merinow (32) takes a photo during a clash with Russian soldiers. Vitaly Merinow captured Instagram

A four-time world champion kickboxer from Ukraine has died from injuries sustained while fighting Russian soldiers.

According to CNN on the 1st (local time), Mayor Ruslan Marchinkiu of Ivano-Frankivitz, a city in western Ukraine, said that kickboxer Vitaly Merinow (32), a former kickboxing world champion, died in the hospital on the 31st of last month from injuries sustained during combat. Merino was active as a martial arts fighter before the start of the war.

“Vitaly Merinow left for the battlefield on the first day of the full-scale invasion,” said Mayor Marchinkiu.

Vitaly Merinow, 32, poses for a picture with his family while on holiday. Vitaly Merinow captured Instagram

“The death of Merinou is an irreparable loss for the Ivano-Frankivic community,” said Mayor Marcinkiu. “He leaves behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter. I will always remember the hero.”

Merinou was also a member of the provincial council of Ivano-Frankivicz during his lifetime. The broadcast said it was not revealed in what battle he was wounded and lost his life.

In Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia in February last year, not only reservists but also ordinary citizens voluntarily enlisted to defend their country. Many athletes are known to be involved in this.

Recently, Sebastian Coe, president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), announced that 185 civilian athletes have died in Ukraine alone since the start of the war in February last year. reporter Choi Jae-ho