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Ukrainian leader reveals Donbas ‘Completely destroyed’ by Russia

Date 20 May 2022 time 17:10

Ukraine’s Leader Says ‘This Is Hell’ Donbas In The East Of The Country Has Been Totally Destroyed

Reuters reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late on May 19 local time that Russian forces had devastated the Donbas region. industrial sites in the east of Ukraine He condemned Russia for intensifying the bombing.

“It’s hell, this is not an exaggeration… Donbas was completely destroyed,” Zelensky said, adding that 12 people were killed in the brutal bombing of Sivyrodonesk. Luhansk Don Bus region on May 19

Zelensky also accused Russian forces of trying to assassinate as many Ukrainians as possible. and inflict as much damage as possible It underlined allegations that Russia carried out genocide.

Russia is trying to increase pressure on Donbus. After starting to withdraw from around the Ukrainian capital Kiev. and aiming to attack the east and the south instead

It began a serious invasion of the East last month and has become a prime target for Russia, which Ukraine’s Chief of Staff Andri Yermak has called the operation. “War Phase 2”

Photo by Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Handout via REUTERS



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