Ukrainian mothers abducted by Russia… go to hostile territory to retrieve their children – BBC News

Ukrainian mothers kidnapped by Russia enter hostile territory to retrieve their children

In March, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for President Vladimir Putin and others, accusing Russia of forcibly removing many children from various parts of Ukraine under its control and separating them from their families as declared war crimes.

A boy who was taken to a school near the Russian border without his parents’ knowledge was dressed in a Russian soldier’s uniform with a “Z” symbolizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There’s no point in going back.”

A mother who sent her son to a Russian summer camp in Kherson, which was occupied by Russia, for only two weeks, did not see her son for six months after that, and learned that her son would be placed in an orphanage in Russia. .was done.

The BBC’s correspondent from Eastern Europe, Sarah Rainsford, reports on mothers who are desperate to get their children back.


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