Ukrainian news boils FIFA accuses Fifa of not playing ‘Zelenski’ video

Ukraine criticizes FIFA for not showing Zelensky’s video before the World Cup final

On December 19, 2022, the Ukrainian presidential palace criticized FIFA after rejecting a request from the Ukrainian side for a video conference message of peace from President Volodymyr Zelen. Skiing Ukraine ahead of the World Cup final between Argentina and France on December 18.

The report says that the Ukrainian presidential palace sent a written statement to CNN on Saturday, December 17, saying that the video is in English. intended for “Call for Peace”

The statement said that “The government of Qatar has supported the actions of President Selensky. But FIFA has refused. And such videos are not allowed to be distributed before the final round.

However, the Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that it will continue to distribute the video through other channels. with a warning that FIFA’s decision to refuse to release the video shows that “FIFA does not understand the value of football. which is a sports game that will create unity for people not advocating for separation.”

FIFA has taken every step to prevent the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar from being used as a political platform. Qatar’s government has yet to comment on Ukraine’s claims.

On Sunday, December 18, President Selensky said The whole world will continue to hear his call for peace. Although FIFA refused to release the video before the World Cup final.


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