Ulju laying hen farm ‘AI high risk’… 10,000 extra kills

City/Ulju-gun, all-out efforts to prevent bird flu, review emergency reserves such as buying and culling 1,000 poultry within a 3km radius to control entry in areas where bird flu has occurred

Avian influenza (AI), which occurred at a laying hen farm in Samdong-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, has been confirmed to be highly pathogenic, and vehicles will be disinfected on the road near the farm on the 30th. Reporter Jang Tae-joon

Ulsan City and Ulju-gun killed an additional 9,500 laying hens on the 30th to prevent and prevent avian influenza (AI) from a laying hen farm in Samdong-myeon.

It is a subsequent measure following the culling of 64,600 laying hens on the farm where bird flu first occurred on the 29th.

The quarantine authorities took additional cull measures as the bird flu pathogen was determined to be a high risk H5.

Ulju-gun killed 9,500 laying hens raised on two farms within a 500m radius of the bird flu outbreak that day. The farms reared 6,000 and 3,500 cows, respectively.

Along with this, Ulju-gun restricted access to farms in Samdong-myeon, where the bird flu occurred, and restricted the movement of farm owners. An emergency measure was taken to ensure that all visiting vehicles passed through the control site and moved after disinfection.

In addition, the military held a situation meeting at the AI ​​Countermeasures Headquarters and discussed specific countermeasures with county mayor Lee Sun-geol, related officials, and town and village chiefs who were present.

In order to prevent additional cases of bird flu, a plan to purchase and cull 1,000 poultry from 31 small farms within a protected area (3km radius), as well as an emergency reserve fund to be used for cull treatment costs, purchase compensation / destroy , and quarantine drug costs 3 Billion-dollar plan reviewed.

“It is unfortunate that a highly pathogenic bird flu has occurred in local farms despite thorough quarantine efforts,” said County Governor Lee Soon-geol. Reporter Jeong In-joon

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