Ulsan Hyundai Football Team Faces Discipline from Coach for Rude Behavior and Racially Discriminatory Comments

Title: Ulsan Hyundai Football Players Face Disciplinary Action for Racist Remarks and Disruptive Behavior

H2: Training Session Incident Recounted by YouTuber

H3: Anecdotal Account Highlights Coach Hong Myung-bo’s Response

During a recent training camp in Portugal, some members of the Ulsan Hyundai Football Team found themselves in hot water following racially discriminatory comments. Interestingly, it has now come to light that these players were previously reprimanded by their coach, Hong Myung-bo, for their rude behavior during the training session.

In a video uploaded on the 28th, YouTuber Cho Pang-mae shed light on the players’ conduct while at the training camp in Portugal. Pang-mae asserted, “During field training in Portugal, I witnessed an incident where I was disrespectful to a female staff member at a restaurant. It was at that moment that coach Hong reprimanded me with a stern question, ‘Is this how adults behave?'”

Pang-mae further discussed Coach Hong’s coaching style, which is typically rooted in granting players substantial freedom. However, this time, the coach expressed his anger, instructing the players to refrain from posting anything on social media regarding the incident. This incident serves as a testament to Coach Hong’s belief that being a decent human being holds more significance than just excelling in football.

This is not the first time Choi Pang-mae has reported such behavior by the Ulsan Hyundai players. As early as February, the YouTuber had witnessed a similar incident at the Ulsan Battery Training Resort. Pang-mae recalls, “I distinctly remember when Coach Hong expressed his fury earlier. It appeared that the players had left the restaurant without consuming their meals. Coach Hong reprimanded them, emphasizing that good manners are paramount to skill on the field. It was a striking incident.”

In response to the racial discrimination controversy, Ulsan Hyundai’s Park Yong-woo, Lee Kyu-seong, and Lee Myung-jae faced a one-game suspension and were fined 15 million won on the 22nd. The management of Ulsan Hyundai also received a penalty of 30 million won for failing to properly handle the situation.

In light of these events, it becomes clear that professionalism and respectful behavior are essential values that Ulsan Hyundai Football Team is committed to upholding. The incident serves as a reminder for players to conduct themselves responsibly, both on and off the field.

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(Screen capture from YouTube ‘Jopangmae’)

[내외일보] Reporter Lee Kyu-seok = While some players of the Ulsan Hyundai Football Team have apologized for racially discriminatory comments, it was told anecdotally that they were scolded by coach Hong Myung-bo for behaving rudely during a training session in Portugal earlier this year.

In a video posted on the 28th, YouTuber Cho Pang-mae recalled the appearance of the players during the training camp in Portugal. He insisted, “(Portugal) during field training, when I was rude to a restaurant lady, coach Hong beat me by saying, ‘Is that what you do as adults?'”

Then, referring to the incident where the captain of Ulsan Hyundai was disciplined for racially discriminatory comments, “Coach Hong is originally a style that gives the players a lot of freedom. ‘You do it yourself. This is the catch-all style, but this time I got angry and said, ‘Don’t post on social media’.”

(Screen capture from YouTube ‘Jopangmae’)

He said, “(Director Hong) thinks that being a person is more important than being good at football, but because this happened. You know that personality.

Previously, Zhao Pang-mae reported the same sighting when he followed Hyundai’s Ulsan Battery Training Resort in February. He said, “I remember the part where Coach Hong was angry earlier. The players must have left the restaurant without taking food. So the coach reprimanded me saying, ‘We don’t need players who but good at football on me. players who are polite’. That’s it. It was fresh,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ulsan Hyundai Park Yong-woo, Lee Kyu-seong, and Lee Myung-jae, who caused controversy for racial discrimination, were suspended for one game and fined 15 million won on the 22nd. Ulsan Hyundai also received a penalty of 30 million won for managing the team.

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