Ulsan Office of Education Re-examining the Operational Measures of Schools Involved in Disaster Response

Reversal of academic timetable related to typhoon ‘Nan Madol’… “Establishing a rapid response system”

The Ulsan City Education Office announced on the 21st that it has re-examined academic management measures related to responding to disasters such as typhoons.

The city’s education office operates a 24-hour situation management team in stages 1 to 3, where the warning level for floods and flood disasters is from concern to warning, and operates a general situation room in stage 4, which serious

The Security Management Division oversees the task of the Situation Management Team, while working groups such as the Situation Management Team, Incident Handling Team, Recovery Support Team, Public Relations Support Team, and Administrative Support Team collaborate organically to respond.

Emergency response personnel plan to establish a communication network and adapt quickly.

When a disaster response phase is issued, such as a weather advisory, school administration measures are put in place to protect students and run classes and provide prompt support.

In particular, when a typhoon warning is issued, we actively review transferring or closing remote classes to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

In addition, when a special warning is issued, the school will adjust the arrival and departure times, remote classes, and close as soon as possible and notify parents before the start time.

School lunch will be prepared in advance by checking the availability of food materials to ensure there is no disruption.

Superintendent Noh Ok-hee said, “We will prepare a rapid response system that can immediately respond to any situation, and all departments will cooperate organically to protect students according to the prepared step-by-step disaster response guidelines. “

Previously, the city’s education office had decided on all school principals to adjust the school timetable on the 18th to prepare for the 14th typhoon ‘Nanmadol’, but it was hurriedly transmitted to all remote classes before school hours in the morning’ r 19th, when Ulsan was in the zone of impact of the typhoon.

This is because there has been a setback in the procurement of food for school meals due to the typhoon.

In response, the Ulsan Federation of Teachers’ Associations issued a press release and criticized, “If there is a typhoon, the policy of transferring responsibility to the headteacher through the headteacher’s autonomous decision over academic matters should be reconsidered.”

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