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Well, everyone, we have done it. We have reached the last week of the ACP regular season. And we will literally recruit the job season, in the clocks and in our hearts, on Sunday morning around 2am – it is likely that many of the sports writers will be going to bed.

But as we reach the town strip, Patrick Stevens has updated the stands with the veneer:

Tuesday in Charlotte is located, though the order is not – Boston College, Georgia Tech, Wake, Miami, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh. The other schools can therefore be quite easy and know that they have at least one day.

And indeed, there is a team all on Wednesday but one Wednesday team set. The order is not yet laid out yet, but a de facto double stage game at Florida State and Virginia Tech will be on Tuesday night in the best daytime weekday week.

Each of the three Triangle teams will face the Trophy competition on Tuesday this week, but not all of these three are of course created.

A …

NC Watch Bubble Watch

Is the NC NC really a NCAA Bubble Tournament? As right now, I would say no. This would suggest that there are a number of licensed brackets, as it is a very serious area of ​​study, making them out of their field. But what the NC State cannot do or give a reason for.

The Wolfpack has huge losses, as Kevin Keatts once said. An interesting series of losses, so bright that you have almost blinds in the process so that you don't notice the ugly head standing in the back – Wake Forest. However, the NCAA competition committee may notice and note that NC State's non-conferencing schedules, which are held at the end of the year. 353. If you do not score at home, there are 353 Division I teams. So it's dead last. And there are two Win-Ins won directly by NC State, and only Penn State can stand on his Quadrant-I status. So the Nittany Lions could drop and give that Q-1 victory to NC State, which is why the game at Florida State felt a missed opportunity for another person, which could be an advantage for NCAA Tournament.

Now, this State is not doing all this vacuum. The rest of the NCAA Competition at the large pool is quite weak. But an insurance policy against loss in the final two games at NC NC is now, including Georgia Tech and (gulp) hosted at Boston College Saturday. Hit out, and I think they mean no matter what happens in the ACC Tournament – but fail to win out? I wouldn't try it.

Watch Zion Williamson

Is he playing Tuesday?

I don't know yet. And if you don't have someone who is closely involved with the Duke program, you don't.

Look over.

Oh, Clemson.

It is possible that the Tiger sold their soul on the basketball side to win football championship, which I am 100% confident that almost all Clemson fans would beat heart in half.

But there are people out there who care for Clemson basketball, and for those people, I'm sorry. Seriously. And it must be very hard when you see things like this:

Insult with injury, indeed. Can you imagine Carolina basketball players by showing football games and wearing a competitive combat gear? Or even do Duke basketball players do that at a football field? I do not sincerely do. It is a kind of crazy for me to see it. I mean, isn't, Clemson didn't have enough basketball, all? Clemson football players can do whatever they want at this point, but I feel bad for the basketball players and the team.

Louisville speaks R-e-l-i-e-f.

The loss of the NCAA Competition would mean that Louisville would only lose out if he was lost without Notre Dame. It wasn't, and that wasn't all close together.

He did not stop Louisville fans from (understandably) they were slow, waiting for the team to be falling late.

But there was.

Louisville players responded to what Chris Mack did. Notre Dame is disrespectful, but Louisville looked after his business just as you would expect to do before Louisville. Kudos for them not to make another ugly or worse victory yet, and poor loss being taken.

Wake has a new director of athletics, and maybe …

… new basketball coach?

Wake announced Saturday midnight (seriously) that the 27-year-old athletics director, Well Wellman retired, and John Currie would replace him.

The talk was during the year about whether Wake could get rid of Danny Manning or that it could not be done (literally, in terms of buying out) and whether it would be a good idea to think of the man made the last two, Wellman, It is still there.

Well, it won't be now, and it will be rented by Currie. So it seems more likely that, as long as the money is there, Wake Forest can make this move.

Twitter Twitter is all over since the announcement. Currie, who graduated from Wake in 1993 and was an athletics director at Kansas State, held a very short but memorable tenure as HR in Knoxville.

Rather than try to hire Greg Schiano's purpose and be taking a course back because of a fan rebellion, Dave Doeren lost and running out of town, I'm not really sure what to do with basketball. And that's what Currie has to fix.

He hired Bruce Weber at Kansas State who is now at the top of 25, so he worked. His first movement is probably the biggest one.

Just, uh, maybe I hope Dave Clawson doesn't hire away any time soon.

The best things AC like this week.

Former Duke Quinn Cook's guard was one of the most promising musicians of his team's large baskets, but a new UNC man, Coby White is coming to that spot.

This tweet from Havelock, NC and the star RC Ky Bowman: t

This interaction between Roy Williams, who left the game at the end of the first half with a very harsh period, and Brad Brownell (especially thinking of a recent match between the two with Brownell's finger against Williams). ):

And he spoke to Williams, who made this story from the fans of Clemson who started me:

Jim Boeheim will always be associated with Greensboro as a ACC Tournament destination. But Boeheim went off his way to praise the city after the team's victory against Wake Forest.

And then this is. It shows both the appearance of a big man Mike Brey, according to all accounts, and how Buzz Williams is a bit … different. SECTION 425 RESIDENTIAL EACH WEEK!

And also, guys? We will have to start talking about referee Jeff Anderson.

Try to look for this next time he is calling a game you are watching him. My dude never loses his energy with those high generations. I want it in my Zumba class.

I have already written about this here, but spoke out specially with Jack White, one of the best players in the Duke Locker room to talk to in a post-game, to end the stage which was a bad factor of 28 straight points . It was great to see that he was finally able to make a smile during and after a game.

INTRODUCTION a preview of ACCE a week

March 4th

Virginia (26-2, 14-2) at Syracuse (19-10, 10-6), 7pm, ESPN

This game is flying under the radar slightly, and is thinking about how big a game Tech-FSU Tuesday Virginia. And there is plenty gone in Virginia's game circle against Louisville as the last remaining obstacle, but this story seems to be possible as well. It's not like these two teams have some history. Almost. As Virginia has only lost two times since they entered the league in 2014, although one of them was in the Elite 8 after being in great charge, so. And Virginia lost the next game in 2017 at Syracuse, but last year went 2-0 against Orange, including Syracuse's 15-point victory.

Syracuse had no backup games with over 35% shooting from the 3-point line since January, with poor performances with good ones, generally shown as a winning record. He will have to make 3 directions to hit Virginia. He shot 21.1% in the win over Wake from outside the arcade.

Virginia will have to make an effective day ugly and be as good as they were protected throughout the year, but they are comfortable doing ugly if it did. Still feels like a game that Virginia could sweat more than Louisville.

Virginia, 65-59.

March 5

Wake Forest (11-17, 4-12) at Duke No. 4 (25-4, 13-3), 7pm, ESPN

Ken Pomeroy is in a vacuum between 0.5% opportunity for the MPs and a 0.3% chance to get this game to win, but it seems he decided at 0.4%. That is … extremely low. But also, accurate. There is little to see here, unless we look at whether Zion Williamson will return to the Duke. Before the game Miami, I was sure if Williamson would not be playing then, he would be playing Tuesday. Due to Coach K's comments on not wanting to put him on a strict timetable, I think he's not so sure, but you would think that Duke would want Williamson to get a game about him before North Carolina's game. That is the only reason to watch this game.

Duke, 101-67.

Ref. 15 Virginia Tech (22-6, 11-5) at No. 14 State of Florida (23-6, 11-5), 7pm, ESPNU

Game of the Week, people! I know it is a cool one that one game between two teams will decide on an important seedling, rather than Team X who need help from the Y Team, etc.. Both of these teams are extremely significant. FSU 48-3 is a final 51 home games and only a duke (observer), Virginia (4 years last year) and Louisville (four years last year) lose the only “bad” list. The Hokies are coming out of their signature and they win this season over Duke No. 4, scoring 77 points, most of them without Justin Robinson in the lineup. And a week has passed, much of the Hokies short-lived.

But it is in Tallahassee, which belongs to Florida State only and to Virginia Tech too. The Hokies are 5-3 on the road in ACP play, but the best win in that group was the NC State. (However, it was the first game they had without Robinson and they should get more credit.) They had nothing else in league play this year with teams higher than State Florida at North Carolina (21 point loss with Robinson) and at Virginia (22 point loss with Robinson).

Buzz Williams hopes to take the air out of the ball and do things at the pace of Virginia Tech as it is a bad idea to run with Florida State. But the State of Florida has so many companies and the depth it can spend at the Hokies. All of the games have been tackled by Blackwood Kerry as his only great man, Virginia Man, but he will have a lot to do against Florida State trees.

It should, however, be a fun game against styles. The winner gets the double measure.

Florida State, 74-67.

Ref. 3 North Carolina (24-5, 14-2) at Boston College (14-14, 5-11), 8pm, ACC Network

Don't turn to something that seems like inconsistent here – and it's. AC 4-3 eyes are at home this year and there is only one "bad" loss (Notre Dame). They also have winners (FSU, Louisville)

This team is not required from North Carolina to convince him, and the Taurus Rescue, and his striking strike are being kept alive, going towards the wrong direction here late in the defensive end. After allowing Syracuse to shoot over 50% from 2 and more than 45% from 3, they continued up to let Clemson 54% from 2 and 36.4% let from 3. None of those teams are directly dominant , but they are able. And so is Boston College, especially at home.

North Carolina is trying to make history by doing 9-0 on the road.

Eagles are bad enough throughout the year, but the main thing it takes is positive momentum to lock them up a little and help at home. North Carolina cannot do anything hard to try to make lunch and must get good shots (and do them!) On the abusive end.

North Carolina, 84-76.

Pittsburgh (12-17, 2-14) at Miami (12-16, 4-12), 8pm, ACC Network

While these teams are basically the same record, Miami is a better team. But how much better? And will it be important, thinking about how Miami is playing? He looked that Miami might have been turning some sort of corner with the loss of OT at UNC and victory at Clemson, as well as a home victory over Georgia Tech which was between the road losses at BC and Wake, games. they should be won. Expectations were expected from the Duke, as Pitt was out at Virginia. But the Panthers have now lost 12 in a row and are one of only two ACW teams that do not win in the league play (the other, of course, is Miami). One of these teams must win, as it is in the rules.

Miami, 77-67.

March 6th

Georgia Tech (13-17, 5-12) with NC State (20-9, 8-8), 9pm, RSN

As NC State joins the "Don't Screw Up" part of its schedule, it also tells you well with Lord Dorn, my favorite man, the wonderful heart 4 who doesn't have the heart.

After striking Wake in her ACA openings, Georgia Tech took 2-9 in the next 11 games and met the ball on over 20% of her holdings in each. That's … hard to do. But in the last five games, the Golden Jackets are 2-3 and four of these five games have more than 20% of their holdings, including their two lowest turnover percentages in both games. (11.7% at Virginia and 13.4% against BC in overtime virtue). Bread and State State are imposing (and scoring) turnover. The Wolfpack is 7-1 this season when opponents turn it on at least 20% of its holdings and 14-2 when it's at least 17%; Georgia Tech is just under 17% just six times each season (although there were twice in the last two). That's the most important stat to watch in this head.

State State, 75-69. Because nothing can be easy.

Clemson (17-12, 7-9) at Notre Dame (13-16, 3-13), 9pm, ESPNU

It's your Bad Brian Luck game ACC of the week, people! If Clemson did not have bad luck in basketball, he would have no luck. And Notre Dame? Well.

After the heart of the Clemson season – at NC State, Miami, Louisville – The Tigers … mixed results. After the State State lost a buzzer striker, Clemson made four win to row. But then they lost a buzzer beater at Miami, which was lost in the heart in Louisville when their attempt to win the game was blocked and subsequently caused a 13 point home loss for FSU. They won two consecutive successions and while the 2-6 Tigers are on the road in ACP play, they are 2-1 against the only three teams facing Ken Pomeroy's top crop. . But they have to bounce back from what happened against North Carolina if they want to keep their hopes of making the NCAA Tournament live.

Notre Dame has four wins from Christmas, two of which are against Boston College.

Let us move on.

Clemson, 67-61.

Last week: 10-4 (10-4 ACC)
Overall: 100-36 (91-29 ACC)


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