“Umay+ Chiang Rai 21.1 Marathon 2022” is great! Thousands of runners are preparing to compete

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

At The Riverie by Katathani Hotel, Chiang Rai Province, Dr. Preecha Anurak, Deputy Mayor of Chiang Rai, together with Mr. Takeo Noda, Chairman and CEO of Easy Buy Public Company Limited, Umay+ money card service provider, Chairat Leelawong, Technical Secretary of the Athletics Association of Thailand, Khun Prapat Chatchawanchai, Vice President of the Chiang Rai State Sports Association and Mr. Boonperm Inthanapasat, Race Founder and Race Director, with the press conference for the opening of the running competition. “Umay + Chiang Rai 21.1 Marathon 2022” (Umay + CHIANG RAI 21.1 MARATHON 2022), an international standard half marathon running event on the northernmost land of Siam in Point To Point format, which will be held on November 20, 2022, starting at Wat Rong Kun and cross the finish line Suan Tung and Khom Nakorn Chiang Rai

Dr Preecha Anurak, Deputy Mayor of the City of Chiang Rai, said that the Umay Marathon + Chiang Rai 21.1 2022 is considered a success for the city of Chiang Rai in using sports as a vehicle to call the masses to participate in the competition and create sports tourism in the area. He is also ready to revive the city of Chiang Rai after the COVID-19 situation subsides. This year, we are still preparing in all aspects. With a basic system that meets international standards, including airports, hotels, restaurants, products, services, and various tourist attractions, it can be guaranteed that Chiang Rai is ready to receive all the activities and festivals that will take place. A highlight of important landmarks considered as the identity of the city on the race route not to be missed is The starting point for runners at Wat Rong Khun, which is an important landmark and a world-class tourist attraction for Chiang Rai. Including the running route that passes by Huay Pla Kang Temple, King Mengrai Monument, Chiang Rai Clock Tower and the finish line at Suan Tung and the 75th Anniversary Celebration Lamp. I think this competition is wrong important to the sports community and the city of Chiang Rai as it progresses to the international, regional or global level in the coming years.

Mr. Takeo Noda, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Easy Buy Public Company Limited, Umay Plus cash card service provider, as the main sponsor of the competition, said that the 2022 Umay Marathon + Chiang Rai 21.1 Marathon competition in Chiang Rai province One of’ the activities related to the Company’s management policy on SDGs is to promote good health for the Thai people through the half marathon race. and sustainable environmental protection with the community through the “EASY RUN” campaign. area before and after the race and campaign for all runners to help protect the environment in the running event Including helping to stimulate the local economy of Chiang Rai After being affected by the epidemic situation of COVID-19 by choosing local products as souvenirs for the Top 100 runners, men and women of each race distance We expect all runners to enjoy the race, to see success, friendship and smiles from all runners.

Mr. said Chairat Leelawong, Technical Secretary of the Athletics Association of Thailand, that the Athletics Association of Thailand has been involved in the promotion and development of the Chiang Rai Stadium competition since 2020, using the route measurement process in accordance with the regulations of the International Athletics Federation (Athletics of the World) as a starting point to create a world standard of the 21.1 km route, which has the opportunity to progress to global competition in the future as well as the beautiful Chiang Rai route. standard distance and a good slope Have fun running It is also part of the co-building of the city. It is a travel attraction to join the competition of professional athletes. the participation of amateur athletes and declaring the city’s readiness to become an international sports city The influx of athletes, fans, interested parties and tourists during the time of the competition will help create excitement in the city and spread the economy to the area. and to publicize the city through the eyes of athletes, competitors and very good followers

Mr. said Boonperm Inthanapasat, Race Founder and Race Director, as Race Director from the beginning until today It is considered a long and continuous journey. And this day would not have been possible without the cooperation of the city. of various sponsors, public and private who jointly created an international standard running track to take place in Chiang Rai for the third year in a row This year we have developed the standardization of the route. competition and safety management, and the main aim is to engage with the community to continuously create sustainability in different dimensions both environmental waste reduction and creative tourism of the area until it becomes one of the charms that attracts a large number of people who attending the event, including athletes, followers and tourists until it caused the city of Chiang Rai to be vibrant This is the awakening of the city with sports tourism. And it is an important opportunity to present the city to the international eye.

Umay + Thailand RING 21.1 Series 2022, all 3 fields are as follows: the first field Umay + Chiangrai 21.1 Marathon 2022 in Chiang Rai on November 20, 2022, field 2 Umay + Bangkok Midnight Marathon 21.1 2022 in Bangko on 2 December, 21 December and the final of the field Bangko Half Marathon Umay + Lamphun 2022 in Lamphun Province on December 25, 2022

For the “Umay + Chiang Rai 21.1 Marathon 2022” running event, it will start on November 20, 2022 at Rong Khun Temple and end at Suan Tung and Chalerm Phrakiat Lamp. There are 2 distance races: a half marathon (21.1 km) and a mini marathon (10 km) In addition, before the race on November 19, 2022, there is also a special activity “Umay + Clean the Town” (Umay + Glanhau’r Dref) open to requests for runners and volunteers to join in cleaning the running path to be safe and beautiful in the Suan Tung area and the Chalerm Phra Kiat lantern area. Chiang Rai Province can also follow more details at https://web.facebook.com/Chiangrai21.1 , https://web.facebook.com/Bangkokmidnightmarathon and https://web.facebook.com/lamphunhalfmarathon

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