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Wanbao Investment Gu Chen Zirong pointed out that the U.S. stock market was hit by a new variant of the virus. Dow Jones slumped more than 1,000 points on the last trading day of last week, which made many investment friends quite nervous. I told everyone at that time that the long trend of Taiwan stocks has not changed. , To pull back the quarterly line, it is necessary to look for buying points for good stocks. The trend of the market on Monday (11/29) made people more confident. Not long after the opening of the market, the index opened lower and higher. In the end, not only closed the red K and ended the consecutive six blacks, the index also stayed above the semi-annual and quarterly lines. The market continued to rise on Tuesday (11/30).

The eight major official stocks actively entered the market amidst market changes. Last week, when Taiwan stocks faced corrections, the official stock banks bought more than 11.6 billion yuan. From the perspective of over-buying, they will mainly lock in interest rate hikes and high-yield stocks next year. For example, the financial group Cathay Gold (2882-TW), Fubon Gold (2881-TW), Shin Kong Gold (2888-TW); while the electronic group is distributed in semiconductor, PCB, panel and other weighted stocks, including wafer double Xiong, MediaTek (2454-TW), Hejing (6182-TW), Universal Crystal (6488-TW), Licheng (6239-TW), Shining (3037-TW), Innolux (3481-TW), these The single-day over-buying of individual stocks is more than 10,000.

The MCU manufacturer Nuvoton (4919-TW), the synergy of its acquisition of Panasonic’s semiconductor business last year was underestimated by the market. Nuvoton’s EPS 2.36 yuan in the second quarter has already won the EPS 1.81 yuan last year, and the performance in the third quarter EPS was 1.56 yuan. Better than market expectations, NTCJ recently launched the third-generation vehicle battery management system (BMS) IC. Nuvoton currently has 9 electric vehicle customers. Next year, its business will continue to expand to electric bicycles and electric vehicles, which will become the future. New momentum for operations.

Nuvoton’s accumulated revenue for the first 10 months was 34.583 billion yuan, an annual increase of 146.12%. This year’s EPS is 6 yuan, which is expected to challenge a new high. Last year, Nuvoton lowered its dividend payout due to the impact of its performance. After I recommended Nuvoton for everyone last week, even after the Taiwan stock market plummeted, the stock price of Nuvoton continued to rise for two consecutive times. On Monday, it also attacked the upper limit, with a cumulative increase of 17%.

The ultra-thin thermal plate (VC) of the heat sink Shuanghong (3324-TW) began to ship with Korean mobile phone brand customers this season, and with the introduction of non-Apple mobile phones, it is expected that the production capacity will return to 5-6 million units in March next year/ In September, the demand for VGA, business NB, base stations and vehicles are also growing. Shuanghong has raised its revenue growth target for next year, from 15% to 20%. I shared Shuanghong with you on 11/23. On Monday, I pulled out a long red K stick with a lower shadow line and stood on the new year line. The legal person and the main force continued to buy over.

In addition, the share price of CCL Factory Optoelectronics (2383-TW), which I have recommended many times since October, drove upward. After recommending it again last week, the share price has not feared the turbulence and hit a record high of 293.5 yuan. Investors who enter the card slot at the low end must be very happy and smile, because the cumulative increase has exceeded 4%.

Wanbao Investment Gu Chen Zirong pointed out that Taiwan stocks are expected to continue to fluctuate in the short-term, but the long-term direction will remain unchanged. The government fund of 48 billion yuan is ready to be launched, and the funding is sufficient. It is recommended that investors choose stocks not to choose the market. Good stocks When you pull it back, you should find something to buy.

UMC’s (2303-TW) capacity utilization rate remains at full capacity in the fourth quarter. ASP will grow by 1% to 2% on a quarterly basis. The estimated revenue will increase by 2% to 4% on a quarterly basis. With full capacity next year, long-term contracts and single customers account for 2/3 of the order volume, and the upward momentum continues; in response to customer demand expansion, UMC’s Fab 12A P5 expanded production capacity of 10,000 pieces will be in place in the second quarter of next year The 27,500 pieces of P6 expanded production will be put into production in the second quarter of 2023. It is estimated that UMC’s revenue growth next year will be better than the industry’s 12% estimated value, and the market share will increase significantly.

ASRock (3515-TW) is a main board manufacturer. Although the Vietnam plant was suspended in the third quarter, which led to a single-season profit reduction, the single-season EPS was still the second highest in the same period at RMB 3.36. The Vietnam plant has resumed operations in the fourth quarter. 60%, the cross-strait co-factory also expanded its production capacity to support it, boosting the profit recovery in October, which is expected to bring the operation back to the right track in the fourth quarter. The cumulative net profit for the first October was 1.814 billion yuan, earning 15.49 yuan per share. ASRock products include motherboards, servers, graphics cards and industrial computers. Among them, the shortage of graphics cards will continue into the first half of next year.

Yingwei (6515-TW) is a major semiconductor testing interface manufacturer. Affected by the US-China trade war and wafer tightness, its performance in the first half of this year was under pressure. After adjusting its product and customer structure, October revenue returned to 300 million yuan. In the third quarter, EPS was as high as 3.57 yuan, which was close to the sum of the first half of the year. The fourth quarter profit is expected to continue to rise. Yingwei’s customer base includes major American processor manufacturers, packaging and testing and foundry leaders, and foreign customers account for more than 80% of revenue. The current order visibility has reached the first half of next year, and next year’s revenue will grow at double digits. .

Of course, there are still some good stocks that still have advantages in short-term chips under the high-end index fluctuations, including related stocks such as car and electronics stocks, third-generation semiconductors, and new apples. However, due to limited space, please enter directly The fan group took a look and hoped to be helpful to the readers.

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