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Un Kham Phakayan English is for communication. seeking information Thai children are not afraid. Not a sign of social status, easier to point because there is space between clear words

On June 22, 2022, news is over, people are not! EP I the chili’s detailed analysis from the point of view of “An Phuwanat and Khaek Kham Phaka” with 3 hot criticisms, 3 hot issues, the end of APEC, political ripples, heavy rumours. Thailand is behind the weak english world Cambodia-Myanmar Defeat, Seized Chinese Salon, Zero-coin trip Scrambling for Thai people’s career reserves The hosts are An-Phuwanat Kunphlin and Khamphaka Lakkhana Panwichai. It must be emphasized that it is for communication. Don’t look at it as showing social status. but a tool to seek information The children of Thailand will not be afraid.

One revealed that the budget of the Ministry of Education is very high. Rank in the world, but most 80% is salary. Kham Phaka reveals that we place importance on education, focusing on rituals. and asked to talk for a long time after writing on Facebook about this problem The first thing is to let go of arrogance. prejudice everything first And the most extreme thing is to include English as the second official language.

We can choose whether to use Thai and English It will make us feel that English belongs to us. I did not look at it as an upper class education. Because the sense of learning English is fostered which does not belong to us. it belongs to someone else When it is no longer ours It was alienating and fearful. see something in a beautiful glass cabinet but it is out of reach Until I give up the opportunity to touch it

Read news, survey reveals English skills around the world Thailand lies very low defeated by Myanmar-Khmer

Read news, Khamphaka, Chan Yao, improve Thai people’s English skills behind the bottom

Let’s try to imagine the possibilities. If it is an official language It can reduce the translation process. and make the language tangible Although English is easier than Thai less consonants There is no tonal Teaching English effectively There is research on how it works. We are changing the idea that English is easier than Thai. The children were ready to learn, to read stories, and found that they read English faster than Thai. Word separation is better, there are spaces, children will end in words, know where one word stops.

If we try to get rid of the prejudice You will know that English is easy, you can finish the word, while Thai language is stuck together. It is like papaya salad Anyone can access it like Thai eating pad, salad papaia.However, linguists may say that learning a first language and a second language That is different, he knows, but does not allow English as a second language to be established as Thai for the new generation? Please change the idea that we can have Thai English too. embrace it as the Thai way

We should focus on voting. But don’t do an accent like many foreigners. but must be pronounced correctly You can vote in a different way, it’s up to you, let’s adjust later. but the words must be read correctly Change the idea that English is not a symbol of social status. but a tool to seek information The children of Thailand will not be afraid.

Now let’s learn how to do English to get a lot of points. to be present But it cannot be used in real life. Another thing is that it destroys the Thai way of thinking. Knowledge of English in colonial countries was associated with the upper class. to keep trampling to know who is who look at whose accent it is

An reveals that the English of the younger generation is much better. But in other states still not The teacher felt that the course was not at all. You have to let it be in the way of thinking If you think in a Thai style, speaking English is difficult. It has to be a British mentality. Worldview is not just grammar. what comes before The English language forces us to have an order of thought. If you think in Thai, it will go around. and cannot translate

In order to be able to speak, their world views have to be constantly changed. Listening and speaking must be cultivated. and move on to reading then go writing If you read a lot, you will automatically write well.

Access to English from an early age is natural because people want to communicate more since childhood The more you don’t have to learn. learning foreign languages ​​Some people think they will lose their Thai identity. both moving forward in parallel Not knowing a thing Will it be a waste?

“Think of people in Europe. the polyglot Netherlands I didn’t see a loss of nationality at all.”

People who come out against keeping the Thai identity just send their children to study in the international system which is seen as another caste division It’s like choosing society for you. It’s a different kind of society. and inequality There are inter-children and children in Koi. spread further and we fight other nations not in language And it takes time to make it fluent.

Because when I grow up I have already acquired the attitude of the mother tongue It is very difficult to change. and make a bunch of people look at English beyond their reach Some people feel they don’t want to study anymore.

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