UN secretary congratulates after the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty goes into effect

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres congratulated that the Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty took effect today.

Guterres said: “I am delighted to see that the Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty is in effect today. It is the first Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament Treaty in more than 20 years and a milestone towards the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. It also clearly shows support for a multilateral approach to nuclear disarmament. ”

He also praised all nations that signed the ratification of the treaty. As well as the critical role of civil society in negotiating and making this treaty come into effect.

The UN secretary said that survivors of the nuclear blast and nuclear weapons test were the tragic and moral force behind the treaty. The enforcement was therefore a tribute to their longstanding support.

“I am looking forward to fulfilling the duties assigned by this treaty. This includes preparations for the first meeting of the State Parties, ”added Guterres.

Nuclear weapons greatly increase the danger. And the world needs to take urgent action to ensure that nuclear weapons are eliminated. And prevent catastrophic impacts on humans and the environment. Guterres said the elimination of nuclear weapons remains the UN’s top priority. “I urge all nations to work together to realize this commitment. Which will develop towards stability and safety together “

Xinhua news agency reported that The treaty was adopted in July. They are open for signing in September. Of the same year Honduras was the 50th country to ratify the treaty on Oct. 25, last year, which came into effect Jan. 22, 2021, 90 days after the ratification was signed. Approval or 50th accession


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