UN secretary-general says virus has no borders on travel restrictions from Omicron

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has criticized countries’ travel restrictions following the Omicron epidemic, calling it “unfair”.

“The virus has no borders,” Guterres said after meeting with reporters after the African Union-UN annual meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York. “Travel restrictions that isolate any country or region would be very unfair and punitive Not only that, but it has no effect.”

These comments criticize the travel restrictions introduced by countries around the world against African countries, such as South Africa, where the omicron mutation first occurred.

In particular, South Africa, who discovered and reported the omicron mutation early to the international community, is complaining strongly that it is being discriminated against.

In this regard, Guterres stressed that “Africans should not be punished collectively for discovering and sharing very important health science information with the world.”

Guterres urged all countries, including Africa, to have vaccine manufacturing capacity, stating that only 6% of Africa’s population has been vaccinated.

“The combination of low vaccination rates and unequal access to vaccines could create a breeding ground for mutant viruses,” he warned.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)



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