Unable to stop being beautiful, Ban Yen, Rak Kaen, shows new faces, beautiful and confident, pulling 70 years just a number

Can’t stop being beautiful! Banyen Rakkan shows her new face, beautiful and 100 percent confident. Age 70 is just a number that swells. Candy is very pleased to bring her mother back to her age again.

see the new face of the Morlam queen Banyen Kaen root Wow In celebration of a full 70th birthday, held warmly at the B-STORY store (along the Duan Ramintra) on December 1, this event, Mae Ban Yen, was launched with a bang. With a new face after toning down the age from 70 to just 40 years old by showing famous songs beautifully graceful dance with a talented girl, Candy Rakkaen, acting as MC of the event

by Mae Banyen, with her daughter, Candy, opens up to the media Who decided to update the new face, raise the set, remove the 70-year-old

Fuchsia: I am very happy. I don’t regret changing myself. At first, my mother thought that we are going to stop being pretty like this? At the age of 70, we should do whatever our heart dreams of. Honestly, I always thought I was beautiful. But now it’s not acceptable (laughs), so I beg you, I want to do it since I was 60 years old, but my child won’t allow it.

Candy: “Mum asked me to do it since I was 60 years old. Can I go and have my face removed? At that time we felt that the mother had probably not had time yet. I want to wither to the end first. I want to age her before it’s time Besides, I’m afraid my mother will be hurt. The front cut must have been very painful. If your mom hurt a little Candy already hurt more, so I didn’t give it, but this time I met someone who had done it before, so we were confident, so I asked my mom to do it in the US CLINIC. But my mother decided to do it straight away.”

Fuchsia: My mother is not afraid, my mother told me to be afraid that she is not beautiful (smile).

What made you decide to have a facelift at the age of 70? Fuchsia: I just want to be beautiful My mother can’t be beautiful Just thinking I can’t stop being beautiful. My mother is one hundred percent satisfied with my new face.”

Candy: “Candy is proud. because we are with mom all the time I would know that my mom would always complain in the last 5 years and almost didn’t want to communicate anything. But when this time is done, everything is like taking my mother back to when she was 45, which is the time Candy came to live with her mother for 45 years. Before that, my parents separated and we lived in different places. Candy came back to live with her mother when she was 45. I had the opportunity to look after my mother when she was 45, which means I will always remember her then. We are very happy .

Fuchsia: “No pain at all, just happiness, very satisfying.”

Is it because of health problems? Candy: “If the focus is on health, when the mother is not beautiful Poor maternal mental health Mental health is very poor.”

Have you ever been teased by someone until you lost confidence? Fuchsia: “It’s me. look in the mirror every morning When are you going to take mum to do it?”

Candy: “Everyone praised the beautiful mother. She is 60 years old and her mother is still beautiful. back home Mum complains to herself every day. An old mother is like this.”

Fuchsia: “We criticize ourselves all the time. Look at my mother’s face. Mother doesn’t like it. Take it and do it. Mother should smile. Mother is not confident in her smile If I happen to smile suddenly , my mother was afraid that the marks that hang at the corners of the mouth would draw down so that we frown. But if we want to rise The smile rises, I’m sure.”

With a new look like this, will you come back to claim the throne with a new song? Candy: “His mother said she wanted to be 17 again because at 17 he was very famous. New artists in the industry too. accepted the job because my mother was practicing singing all the time Look how much artist blood he has.”

Fuchsia: “Practice often, the kid told me to retire. I don’t want my mother to work anymore, the child will take care of itself. But my mother still brought the dress to embroider herself. Why is he afraid that his mother is going to get an embroidery job?”

Candy: “I don’t accept it, I don’t want my mother to be tired anymore. Mum has been singing since she was 15. Mum has been tired all her life. looking after us all our lives So, we now have the potential to look after you. We want you to rest as much as possible. to travel as much as possible But in the end, I had to give in to it.”

Fuchsia: “This is how it is. Single mother (laughs) Mother misses children and grandchildren, music fans. Come and meet like this, how warm it is. Mother is very happy, everyone is like a child, like a real grandchild. as a family If mum doesn’t go, stay at home, miss the front of the stage. The eyes that looked up were warm. Looking at her mother, she felt affectionate, loved her, and it made her think about those eyes all the time, I would love to see her once a month.

How long have you been on stage? Fuchsia: “Since COVID 4 years already. Now preparing to make music What is Phutai Ramphu? think of something good want to show”

Candy: “At this time, he was a tick-tock star first. But there will be music. After the mother becomes more confident and beautiful, more works will come out for you to see. We are ready. You are very beautiful like this, please leave everyone too. You can contact the post. Candy is the manager. I think many people still want to see your mother’s work. now got it but he must be physically fit Although my mother’s face is 35, don’t forget that your mother is 70 years old and she needs to take care of her body.

Fuchsia: “It means you have permission. I’ve already gone to work (smile)”


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