‘Unappreciated stock’ Moon Se-yoon The day he hit the high limit, KBS, who couldn’t just like it

[엔터미디어=정덕현] 2021 The subject of was returned to Moon Se-yoon. He is the de facto representative entertainment program of KBS. <1박2일>The person responsible for laughter in Besides, this year <갓파더>, <트롯 매직 유랑단>also appeared in

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Daesang returned to Moon Se-yoon <1박2일> It is believed to have been thanks to this year at <1박2일>It swept the Silver Grand Prize as well as the Best Program Award, Excellence Award (Yeon Jeong-hoon), Entertainer of the Year (Kim Jong-min, Moon Se-yoon), Broadcast Writer Award (Noh Jin-young Writer), and Rookie of the Year Award (Ravi). As a result of this year <1박2일>It is the same as choosing

Moon Se-yoon showed a reaction that was unexpected to the extent that she said, “Is it me?” as if in disbelief when she was nominated as the target. However, there was a sense of sympathy for Shin Dong-yup, who was told through his acceptance speech, that he was an ‘undervalued good stock’. It was Moon Se-yoon, who had been quietly playing her role enough and had achieved good results. So, the words “I lived with so many blessings that I didn’t have to wear mourning clothes” and that he himself “will be a senior who can visit undervalued juniors and give them warm words” was not a small echo.

But in recent years the protagonist of <1박2일>, <개그콘서트>, <슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다> The fact that they were the same long-lived weekend entertainment programs shows the current state of KBS entertainment. <1박2일>After Season 1 received the Grand Prize in 2011, it received the Kim Jun-ho Grand Prize in 2013 and the Kim Jong-min Grand Prize in 2016.

<개그콘서트>has been abolished It was a regular award program of <슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다>It was also a program that performed so well that it took all the awards from the grand prize to the best program in 2019. but almost 10 years The fact that several weekend entertainment programs have been winning awards for a long time on the weekend shows the current situation of KBS entertainment. This is because it means that the performance of new entertainment shows was small, and it also means that the entertainment programs that are being introduced have been occupying the same place for a long time.

Of course, this trend is not unique to KBS. this year Degree <미운 우리 새끼>, <런닝맨> The same long-lived entertainment programs took the prizes. of course so <골 때리는 그녀들>The fact that they took this whopping 8 crowns was still considered an achievement of SBS entertainment, but even this was faded into a ‘manipulation controversy’ in less than a week. MBC is no different. The star of last year’s awards ceremony <놀면 뭐하니?>me <나 혼자 산다> All of them are being evaluated as not the same as they used to be.

Although it is true that terrestrial entertainment programs did not produce new results as a result of overlapping bad news such as Corona 19, the identity of KBS entertainment has been clear for several years. The fact that Moon Se-yoon received the grand prize is fresh, but <1박2일>The fact that this year’s KBS entertainment has come up again as a major achievement seems to tell the current reality of terrestrial entertainment, especially KBS entertainment. There is not much novelty, only long-lived entertainments survived.

Columnist Duk-Hyun Jeong




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